5 Tips To Making The Best Deer Jerky For Your Loved Ones

You can make the best deer jerky at home. You need to learn a few tips first. In order to learn how to make deer jerky and also get some recipes, a small research should be done.  You also need the necessary ingredients as well as cooking appliances. Through various guidelines and reviews on making deer jerky, you can find the best appliance to use. Some few tips by cooking experts can also help you to make some of the best and tastiest deer jerky for family and friends. Here are 5 Tips to making the best deer jerky:

1. Choose the right venison steak

The first step is to ensure that your steak is the best select a good steak from the grocery store. It may be relatively expensive, but you will enjoy the sumptuous treat. You may soak the meat for some time if you do not like the strong flavour. Some people are just fine with the flavour though. Some people also prefer to hunt the deer on their own. In fact, this is your best option since you are sure of getting fresh venison. It is not hard to prepare the steak once a deer is slaughtered. Choose the rump roast or any part of the hind leg steak for making deer jerky.

2. Get the right cooking appliance

A meat dehydrator is an essential kitchen appliance that every home should have. Preparing deer jerky at home is made easier using the appliance. You should select a good dehydrator that enables you to cook various deer jerky recipes at home. Take some time to also review the various brands on the market. Through reviews, you can easily identify a good one. If you have a good venison steak and a good meat dehydrator at home, this makes it easier for you to make tasty deer jerky at home. You may also use the oven but for better tasting deer jerky, use a meat dehydrator.

3. Deer jerky strips preparation

You should cut strips uniformly. They should be of the same thickness so that they cook at the same time. You may cut across the grain or along the grain depending on how you like your deer jerky made. If you want brittle deer, then cut across the grain. This is especially so if you are making it for kids.

4. Marinade options

Marinating the venison steak before cooking is the secret to making tasty deer jerky.

Ensure that you soak the meat in the marinade for a considerable period of time. Remember to also keep turning the meat in the marinade for uniform flavour. Over-marinating the venison steaks should also be avoided. The meat may become stringy or mushy. You should marinate the deer jerky cuts in the refrigerator.

5. Seasoning

Though margination is a form of seasoning, during the actual cooking process, you should season the steak. Salt is the basic seasoning ingredient for most foods. You may also season with chillies or any other herbs and spices of your choice.

With these simple tips, you should be able to easily make deer jerky at home. This is a powerful protein snack that both adults and kids will enjoy. But it must be prepared well, and with the right cooking appliance.

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