4 Tips For Finding Some Of The Best Coffee In Town

Coffee lovers always look forward to their morning or mid-morning coffee that keeps them buoyant throughout the day. However, finding great coffee isn’t as easy as most might think. Read on to acquaint yourself with the tips and tricks on finding some of the best coffee in town. 

1.  Consider coffee bean freshness

The quality and freshness of coffee beans influence the taste. Therefore, it’ advisable to choose fresh coffee beans, preferably those roasted within the past fortnight or at most a month. Most coffee packages bear the date of roasting. Since shipped coffee takes many days to arrive, you may consider buying roasted coffee beans locally. Alternatively, you can purchase green coffee beans and roast them.

2. Go for whole coffee beans

Perhaps you already know where to purchase whole or ground coffee beans. However, like most of us, you’re probably not sure how to go about buying coffee beans. According to Katie Carguilo, a seasoned coffee professional and a winner of Barista competition, ground coffee taste best when brewed within half an hour after grinding.

The ground coffees seen in local stores don’t make the grade for freshly ground coffee beans. Thus, we recommend that you purchase whole coffee beans rather than the pre-ground beans.

3. Buy from the best local coffee establishments

Supposing that you fail to locate a decent coffee house that sells top quality coffee, you must consider looking for nearby places where you can source for high-quality coffee like an independent café that buys coffee beans from local roasters. Alternately, you can look for a reputable store or roast house with a significant local footprint in the business to increase your chances of getting the best coffee.

You may also resort to trying your hand at a coffee subscription which avails the privilege to sample coffee from various local roasters. The subscription will help you find the best coffee seller in your locality.

4. Consider origin

Over 50 countries worldwide grow coffee, with each nation producing coffee with a unique flavour. The best coffee comes from the regions dubbed the “Bean Belt” which include countries located within the tropics. For the best drinking experience sample coffee from the following countries; Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Jamaica.

The full-bodied Ethiopian coffee is wet processed and full-flavoured, while Kenyan coffee is a full-bodied brew with a fruity acidity. Brazilian coffee is ideal for making a sweet, soft, low-acidic brew while Colombian Supremo bears a light, aromatic, and delicious drink.

Costa-Rican coffee bears a distinct nutty and chocolaty flavour with a mild berry-like taste. Hawaiian Kona coffee boasts of a rich aromatic taste that few countries can rival while Jamaican coffee is renowned for being mouth-watering, mellow and bears a sweet aroma.


Finding an excellent coffee house isn’t as easy as it may sound. Coffee lovers with a taste for quality will find this guide helpful in their quest for a café to savour their caffeinated drink.

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