Tips For Selecting The Best Carryall For Law School

Many students mind nagging over a question on how to transport all the books and other essentials to class. These law students are busy attending law lecture sessions, completing the job assignments or interning at a law firm. From Laptop to Smartphones to Law books to massive casebooks to torts- a law student has to carry all. So, it is not that easy being a law student and there must be many questions hovering in your mind. Should you go for a briefcase or a backpack?  Should you opt for a tote or a roller bag? 

We can understand you and feel you. We have gleaned a collection of best briefcases and rolling carry cases for sincere and proud law students like you who want to be at his or her best. The most important thing is the utility. How much functional the briefcase or bag you are carrying is to you? A big, untidy bag can totally make you look shabby and unprofessional while if you focus too much on the style quotient of the bag, you might not be able to carry all the essentials.

Let us solve this dilemma.

What should be the essential requirements for a law student? 

The briefcase or backpack has to have ample space.  You must be double sure that your laptop and casebooks can be filled up in that bag.  The backpacks need to be sturdy and water-resistant so that any important books and digital gadgets do not get damaged by rain or water contact. Also, your health of the back and shoulder are very important.

We are also suggesting some of the sample backpacks or briefcases you can try:

There would be a time when you will be going to law firm from college to intern. Should you go for the backpacks? You must be wondering that who wears the backpack at the law firm. But trust us, there are people who including partners wear backpacks. So, do not make the mistake of treating backpack as only for the college student.

Robinson Briefcase (Tory Burch)

It’s a traditional briefcase with the additional provision to carrying it on the shoulder.  This bag is durable enough to bear all the load of casebooks and civil procedure texts that would be given to you. What more, once you start a law practice, still you can carry this bag. From college to the law firm, this briefcase can do wonders!

Swiss Army backpacks

If you are looking for little on the informal side, we recommend you that have a look at the Swiss Army backpacks. They are sturdy, have enough room for a laptop and would allow you to keep multiples of casebooks and other essentials.

New York Laptop bag (Grace Ship)

This bag has the provision of two shoulder straps. It boasts of a flexible cross-body strap too.

If you have a very big laptop, then this bag can be the best fit for you. You can also put your casebooks and all the law texts you have to carry with you. There is a special provision to keep loose papers in the bag too.

North Face

There are some really good backpacks from North face for all your ‘law’ troubles. Some prominent examples of these are Big Shot, Region, Borealis, etc.

The Herschel Supply Co. Little America Mid Volume Backpack

If you are looking for a little professional look, better go for this one. It has a little rugged, trekker backpack looks which can go along with the dapper look of a professional lawyer as well as a college student.

How about the bags for women law student?

A suitable and attractive bag for women should have these salient features. The strap is a must. Without a strap, you will have to carry the bag in your hand. This is absolutely ridiculous for a woman college student whose mind is already filled with case studies, law issue and what not. It should have the feminine quotient as such.  Some suggestions would be a Kenneth Cole Hit a Triple Tote, Solo Jay, Piel Hobo, etc.

To conclude, these days, the perceived definition of the backpack and professional bags is changing. It’s not mandatory that adults should take only briefcases and totes etc. The convenience and utility are more important than anything else. Nowadays, the college goers are really busy attending the lectures, sometimes taking the help of professional services like can be really beneficial for their career. We hope that you got some first-hand tips on how to go about choosing the best Carryall for law students.

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