5 Tips To Picking The Best Brussel Sprouts – Time & Skills

Brussel sprouts are some of the best vegetables to include in your diet. They are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and both vitamin A and E. Brussel sprouts are best harvested to maturity and during cool weather. You may find out more information on picking the best brussels sprouts online. We are going to discuss the top 5 tips that will help you know when it is the best time to pick brussels sprouts and how it should be done. 

1. Pick ready Brussel sprouts

In order to know if the spouts are ready, check for size and firmness. When picking brussel sprouts, select the green and firm looking sprouts. You may squeeze them a bit to test for firmness. Ensure that you pick sprouts that are similar in size. It will make cooking easier since they will cook evenly. You may select the sprouts after harvesting and package them according to sizes. Smaller sprouts are easier to cook and tastier. When picking them, harvest from bottom to top since the bottom sprouts will mature first.

2. Late fall to early winter is the best time to pick Brussel sprouts

It is advisable to harvest sprouts after the first frost. They become sweeter and more flavourful after frosting. Harvesting of brussel sprouts should be done in cool weather. Remember to also remove yellowing leaves and any leaves that may be below the sprouts that you have just harvested. This will enable the plant to grow taller and produce more sprouts.

3. Learn from experts

It is good to learn more about brussel sprouts from expert farmers. There are various companies that can recommend some few tips that you should follow when harvesting sprouts. You will also get information on how to identify the best sprouts and the best way to pick them. You may use sharp scissors or simply twist the sprout gently. Brussel sprouts should be picked on the stem. They remain fresh for long and they are less likely to grow molds or spoil easily. Agronomists may also give professional advice on picking the best sprouts.

4. Know the best variety of Brussel sprouts

You have two options. They are hybrid and open-pollinated brussel sprouts. They are the favorite for most people and are actually the recommended varieties in many states. If you are a farmer, you should plant the best and pick as per the procedure.

5. Avoid picking sprouts that show signs of pest infestation

You should avoid picking brussel sprouts that have been affected by diseases. Brussel sprouts that show signs of yellowing and black spots are already infected. Such sprouts should be picked separately and destroyed to avoid the spread of disease to other healthy maturing sprouts. Buyers will also look forward to buying fresh and green sprouts. If you intend to sell the brussel sprouts after harvesting, ensure that you package the fresh and disease free sprouts. They will sell fast.

After picking the brussel sprouts, ensure that they are stored properly. Like all other vegetables, they taste best if they are fresh. They should ideally be stored in a cool and dry place.

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