Best Bistros To Visit In London

London is full of bistros, as the busy and bustling population who are always looking for a good place to take a business meeting, a date or simply en route to many of the things to do and see in the city. Bistros are a relatively new to the most searched food establishments in London, but as the business wheeling and dealings grow and grow, so too does the humble bistros popularity. If you thought a Bistro was somewhere you could drink and eat fresh food at the same time, you are mistaken! London’s Bistros offer a variety of foods, cuisines and budget ranges to suit your taste. Here’s our top three Bistro finds!

1. Bistro 1

Bistro 1 is a warm, welcoming and friendly Bistro offering freshly prepared pastas, grills, vegetarian and fish dishes. The offer meal deals regularly and this is partly the reason they have such a loyal customer base of locals.  The most notable thing about Bistro 1,asides from the fresh, tasty and incredibly reasonably priced food, is welcoming and cheery service and constantly themed, decorated and updated bistro.

2. Pierre Victoire

A very small and intimate bistro, with very basic layout, tables close together: you would easily imagine that the food will be as bare and basic as the décor. Then the food arrives and wow, what a quality meal! Steaks, shellfish, whitebait: whatever this bistro services you is absolutely delicious and cooked to the very highest standards, quickly transporting a small and bare environment into a warm, welcoming and intimate setting.  Prices are excellent, and they offer regularly updated specials, chef recommendations and meal deals, making this a great experience for all budgets and events.

3. Arbutus

Arbutus is a very upmarket Bistro, and walking past you could easily mistake it for the reception area of a very chic and fancy hotel. Bare, and modern, the restaurant prides itself of being uncomplicated.  The menus are very short and very basic, making ordering an easy experience. During the day it is full of business customers, who enjoy the small tables and face to face seating, open environment and the intimacy that a full and bustling restaurant can give you. Food is English fine dining: beef tartare, and apple crumbles cooked to perfection, and they have a very extensive wine menu, with waiters able to recommend. They also offer pre and post theatre meal deals, lunch deals and group deals so definitely a bistro to visit.

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  1. LiveBroader

    it was worth the read! I like bistros too … lol.

  2. Ooh, these look great places to eat. I used to work in London and could never afford anywhere posh at the time but a couple of these look affordable. It takes me back to those days. Oop North Bistros are fewer and far between! 🙂


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