Where Can You Find The Best Beach In The World?

Are you interested in hitting the beaches this winter? Do you want to get away from the cold weather? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of beaches out there. Just remember that some are better than others. During the winter, some beaches are going to be overcrowded. Others can be a little colder than you might like. With that being said, you’ll definitely want to read the guide below and learn more about some of the best beaches in the world.

St. Augustine

As you should already know, Florida is one of the hottest destinations for snowbirds or people who want to flee the cold weather. Again, Florida is home to many amazing beaches. Still, it is true that St. Augustine is one of the best locations for beach lovers. The St. Augustine Beach is gorgeous and the nearby area is full of interesting history. When you make your way to the St. Augustine Beach, you will definitely want to make a detour to historic St. George Street. You will not be disappointed in the least!

Key West

While St. Augustine is great for history buffs, Key West is even better for energetic, adventurous individuals. Key West can be found at the country’s southernmost point. The locals and the local attractions are eccentric. On top of that, the beaches are very clean! If you’re looking for gorgeous views and warm weather, you cannot lose with Key West! While you’re there, you’ll want to check out the Zachary Taylor Historic Park.

Hilton Head

Are you looking for a gorgeous beach where you can enjoy your boat? Take some advice from Seaside Planet and visit Hilton Head in South Carolina. This is really one of the best beaches for people who love biking. The shorelines are hard packed so you can ride your bike over a long distance without any trouble. The Bradley Beach or Driessen Beach is really the best one in this area. Since South Carolina can get colder during the winter, you’ll want to visit during the summer or spring.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a must for those visiting Florida. When you visit Red Reef Park, you’ll be given the opportunity to swim and snorkel. Snorkelling is something that most people never get to experience. Spread your wings and head towards Boca Raton! If you’re interested in learning about local wildlife, you’ll definitely want to visit the Gumbo Limbo Science Center.

Island Of Hawai’i In Hawaii

If you ask previous visitors of the Island of Hawai’i, also known as the Big Island, in Hawaii how they rate their visit, most will respond with a thumbs up. The beach got its name from its size, as it is the largest in Hawaii. In fact, it is twice the size as all the other islands in the in the Hawaiian chain.

The Big Island has been rated the best by some of the most influential people in the world. From Hollywood celebrities to millionaires, the island has served as a get-away at least once.

Blue Lagoon In Oludeniz, Turkey

Whether you are planning a wedding anniversary or honeymoon celebration, you will find that the Blue Lagoon is the ideal location. Surrounding the beach is the most beautiful scenery in the world. In fact, it is breathtaking, making the perfect backdrop for all romantic celebrations.

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