Travel Guide – Cool Benidorm Attractions & Experiences

So the time has come for you to go to Benidorm! Benidorm is a beautiful beach resort on the eastern Spanish coast. While in the 1960s it was a fishing village, now it has become a place for tourists all over Europe to relax, party, and enjoy the rich experience that is on offer. It is also the great place for nightlife, with some of the best bars and clubs available in Europe. So what are the cool Benidorm attractions and experiences you must explore? All is revealed below! 

Things To Do In Benidorm

If you want your stag do to be one that you will remember and joke about even when you have grown old with your wife, nothing will beat having your stag party in Benidorm. It has a rich nightlife, beautiful golden beaches is one of the places in Europe as a party destination and have a perfect climate, on average 30 degrees Celsius! From visits to old town to partying in Levante, Benidorm will be a weekend to remember.

There has a wide range of things to see and do! Relaxing on the beach is probably the first and most obvious one! Poniente Beach, for example, is a beautiful golden beach, with a nice calm atmosphere, with plenty of places to eat out. There is also Poniente, which has some of the best traditional Spanish restaurants. It is simply a must, to try traditional Spanish cuisine while you are on holiday.

Another experience that you simply cannot miss is seeing the rural country on a Jeep Safari trip. It is one of the best all-day tours you can get while you are there, and it is well worth it.

For those partygoers, Levante Beach is much more exciting than the other Beaches with an assortment of bars and plenty of water-based activities such as rafting and jet skiing. The largest clubs in Benidorm are all here, and there is never anywhere you will be without being in sight of a bar. The English Square has many bars, with good prices on drinks. Levante will make for one of the best nights out you will ever have. Here, the night is always young! 

You also should consider paintballing in the mountain forests, a must for those who wish for their trip to be etched in their memory forever. Prices are often very cheap and are well worth it.

There is also Terra Mitica, one of the best theme parks you can visit on your holiday for those who are interested in Theme parks. For those who like shopping, there is La Marina. You can find some top brands for cheap, souvenirs and everything else you will find in a good mall.


So, we hope your bags are packed. Your trip to Benidorm will be one of the most memorable times of your life and the one you always talk about with your mates. What more could you want? From laid-back beautiful beaches to a hardcore party scene, this is the perfect place for you to spend a weekend off and is also probably the best place for your stag do, if you want it to be a memorable one.  

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