5 Tips To Traveling Without Bringing Bed Bugs Home With You

The last thing you would want to worry about after a well-deserved vacation is bed bugs. These little critters are masters of concealing themselves in mattresses, couches, chairs, or headboards, where they can easily access blood anytime they want. Bed bugs can generally be found almost anywhere in public places such as public transportation, offices, and school. But the worst thing about it is that it can also be found in hotels that is why it is very important to stay vigilant in order to keep them away after your stay. Here are five tips for travelling without bringing bed bugs home with you.

1. Do a thorough inspection upon entering your hotel room.

The first thing you should do once you arrive at your accommodation of choice does a thorough check-up in all the nooks and corners of the bedding and mattress. Bed bugs are known to hide on seams as well that is why you need to pay attention to these areas. Creases in the mattress tend to be areas of infestation. Check the couches, chairs, and other parts of your room before you decide to settle down and expose all your stuff.

2. Place your luggage away from upholstered furniture.

Upon arrival to your hotel room and right after checking the area, make sure to place your luggage away from upholstered furniture. You can place it on a desk or a luggage rack. Make sure to also check them as well before you place your stuff. It is better to be wary now rather than worry later on because eliminating bed bugs back can be pricey. You would want to avoid spending more after your vacation.

3. Double check your stuff upon returning home.

Once you arrive home, even if there are none, consider that your stuff has been infested with bedbugs. This is just a precaution but an important one. Remove all the contents of your bag in your garage or laundry room. If possible, swing your luggage/backpack. Bed bugs can live for several months or years so it is important that you store your suitcase/backpack in a garbage bag first before using them again.

4. Avoid unpacking.

It is still best to avoid unpacking your clothing when travelling. If you can, avoid using the shelves and the dresser in your room. Avoid placing them on the bed or couches. And if you can, keep zippered plastic bags in handy.

5. Vacuum your luggage.

Upon returning from your trip, make sure not to put your luggage yet into your home. Keep it first inside your garage or outside where you can vacuum your suitcase. It is an effective way to eliminate all the bed bugs that came home with you. When vacuuming, make sure that you pay attention to the seams of your luggage where bed bugs hide. Thoroughly go through the inside and outside of your suitcase and when you are done, throw the contents in the vacuum bag to the garbage away from your home.

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