Enjoy The Joy Of Beach Camping In Northern California

For a beach lover, northern California is beautiful heaven made of many shades of blue. They have no shortage of breathtaking coastline, rugged cliff and there’s even a place where boulders look like bowling balls. Now if you love camping under an open sky, northern California may be your dream destination. From the San Francisco Bay Area up to the coast and to the Oregon border, you have more than a few options for camping.

Beach Camping in Northern California: Check Few Sites

But before going to anywhere, check the geography and weather, it can be a big fact. Here are a few beaches for camping in northern California.

Camping in Dillon Beach, Northern California

Dillon Beach is a privately-owned beach by Dillon Beach Resort. It’s a beautiful small town beach which is located at the northern Marin County coastal border. With a small amount of money, you can have a few relaxing days in the scenic, dog-friendly, off-leash beach.

Dillon gets a bigger wave that’s the reason surfer loves this beach. This beach provides a cafe, a general store, and a cabin if you like to stay. If you choose this place you will love it, it has all the amazing option for a perfect beach camping.

Bodega Bay Camping with Perfect Sea View

Bodega Bay is protected by the whim of the Pacific Ocean and this beach is a perfect example of “by land or by sea”. The reason it’s called that because of the breathtaking view of the sea, the cliff surrounding the beach which is perfect for a hike and if you are lucky you can witness migrating whale.

Bodega Bay is a fishing village on the Sonoma Coast that harbours sights, sounds, and activities. If you don’t like activities on camping just simply lay your car seat and enjoy the view. If you love activities then go for kayaking, there’s still a lot of secret coves and beaches.

Bodega Bay has so many beaches but this three (Doran Beach, Bodega Dunes, Wrights Beach) are the most amazing and famous for beach camping.

Half Moon Bay Can Provide Perfect Sun Bath

The most famous beach in half moon bay is Francis beach which located to the most southeast side. Visually half moon bay is one of the most stunning, it’s pleasing for the eye. This place is famous for a park, you can not only camp but also enjoy a nice bike ride and walk.

According to Safariors, this site is perfect for beach camping in northern California for the families and couples.

The sun is most of the time pleasing here, so it’s also perfect for sunbath. With a lot less money you can park your RV or car safely. But half-moon has a strong current, that’s why sometimes it’s not a good idea to swim there.

Trinidad, California: Enjoy the Perfect Lagoon for Camping

Trinidad has two famous beaches Dry Lagoon Beach and Big Lagoon County Park Beach. At first, let’s talk about dry lagoon beach, this beach is one of four separate lagoons in Trinidad.

The dry lagoon is mostly marshy wetlands that are best for bird-watching. The beach is quite sandy with driftwood logs scattered about. The dry lagoon has walk-in camping area. It’s perfect for the family gets together. But if you want to swim or kayak this beach is not for you.

The big Lagoon is part of another three big parks in Trinidad. It’s a sandy beach which holds back the Pacific Ocean from Big Lagoon. This is the perfect spot for kayaking and swimming. People also enjoy boating here.

The Big Lagoon is the perfect place for water-related activities. The whole length is also enjoyable for beach bathing and just to relax. But, swimming is safe inside the lagoon, the seaside is quite dangerous sometimes.

Malibu Located on Santa Monica Mountains, California

Malibu has so many beaches but the problem is most of them are expensive. There are very few options which is open for camping, Point Mugu State Park is one of them. Point Mugu State Park is located on Santa Monica Mountains.

It has beautiful five miles of ocean shoreline with rocky bluffs, sandy beaches, sand dunes, rugged hills and uplands, two major river canyons and oaks and a few native walnuts.

Point Mugu State Park has 70-mile long hiking trails. It’s perfect for everything – hiking, picnic, swimming, and surfing. Point Mugu state park has one of the most breathtaking views so for camping it’s one of the best choices.

Last Few Words

For beach camping, North California has more than five or six beaches. The whole North California is best for beach camping, but before going to any beach check if that place allows pet and how much it’s going to cost.

If everything matches with your Wishlist, then pack your bag and spend a few amazing days in the breathtaking view. There are nothing peaceful then few days swimming in the sea when the sun is hot and listening to the sound of the sea. So enjoy your backpacking in the seaside of Northern California.

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