Bawah Private Island – Perfect Weekend Getaway From Singapore

Primed to be the perfect weekend getaway from Singapore, Bawah Private Island, the epitome of natural luxury, is set to open in the summer of 2017. A collection of five pristine islands amongst three crystal clear lagoons, the stunning untouched Anambas archipelago in Indonesia offers an unsurpassed, authentic island-hideaway experience, accessible just 2 hours away via a ferry from Singapore to Batam, followed by a private seaplane to Bawah.


>Nestled amidst 300-acres of beautiful natural landscape surrounded by 13 beaches with crystal-clear waters, Bawah will feature 35 eco-designed villas, providing guests with a private oasis amongst spectacular scenery. Allowing a maximum of 70 guests on the island at any one time, the villas will encompass 21 Beach Villas offering breathtaking sea views; 11 Water Villas with stunning dusk to dawn vistas; and three Garden Villas enveloped in lush greenery.


Each villa will feature a beautifully appointed bedroom, spacious bathroom and a relaxing living area with incredible views across the lagoon.


Attention to detail is prevalent throughout, with indigenous materials like ‘driftwood’ reinvented to create unique finishes. All tented villas and public areas are made of sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled teak; while the bath and shower areas are constructed of recycled copper. 


Features at Bawah Private Island will include a treetop ‘Club House’ with a viewing balcony, a yoga pavilion, a beach-fronted infinity pool and a spa offering luxurious pampering treatments that incorporate local techniques and exclusive products.


For those wanting to explore, Bawah will offer an array of guest experiences harmonious with nature including snorkelling in pristine waters and hiking through its primary forest, which has never been cut or burnt, with trees as high as 80 meters high. 

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To retain its mission of providing a luxurious, authentic travel experience in a sustainable and community-enriching manner, the Bawah team’s solid commitment to preserve and protect its 300-acres of natural environment is reflected in all areas of its construction. No heavy machinery is allowed on the island and the island’s array of flora and fauna and its abundance of butterflies and birds are protected through a firm stance against pesticides.


Bawah is an official marine conservation area in which fishing, anchoring and collection of any marine life are forbidden. As a result, fish and corals flourish in the clear water lagoons. Precautions have also been put in place to deter fishermen from fishing inside the lagoon: Bawah supports those who fish responsibly, by purchasing fish from the local fishermen for their team of workers. Through the creation of meaningful employment opportunities and the commitment to hire and promote locally at Bawah, the people of Indonesia will have a viable option to earn a decent living and flourish in their community.


Working with renowned architect Sim Boon Yang (founder partner and director of, alongside General Manager Tom Blachere, Bawah’s design will focus on striking the perfect balance between its commitment to its environment and providing a luxurious experience. Bawah aims to create a harmonious flow between nature and modernity while upholding its strong and sustainable approach towards the resort and its natural surroundings.

If you are an avid weekend island resort hopper, keep a lookout for this brand new option coming your way soon!

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