Bansko – What You Do Not Know About The European Town

Unique relaxation and rest with lots of entertainment. Bansko is a very popular European town in the Pirin mountain, visited by tourists all year round. The town is located at an altitude of 927 meters and the average height of the mountain itself is 1033 meters. It is ranked second in height in Bulgaria. The Pirin is of an alpine character, with a very diverse and picturesque terrain: Vertiginous precipices, magnificent peaks, valleys, plain areas of some of the river beds. There are also numerous beautiful lakes of the Ice Age – over 160.

In Bansko, you will be immersed in calmness and relaxation among the unique alpine nature, hotel comfort and SPA procedures such as in Hollywood. This can be combined with numerous entertainments and attractions in the town, as well as in the vicinity nearby. At the same time, the mountain provides wide choice, in case you are fans of the extreme experiences. Here you can boost the adrenaline level in many ways – from rock climbing and canyoning to alpinism; from rafting and kayaking to Off Road, ATV and buggy tours or mountain biking. Hunting amidst the picturesque mountain places with century-old forests of stags, roes, moufflons, wild boars, wolves, and others, offer lots of emotions.

Luxury places for accommodation, such as Lucky Bansko Aparthotel, work with professional clubs and provide full assistance to its guests for the entertainments in the mountain. Also, during the winter, here is the kingdom of the ski and snowboarding. The Ski complex is suitable for both beginners with provided training, teams, designated tracks, and also for advanced and professional competitors with different route difficulties. It is not accidental, that Bansko has lead thе classifications for a suitable destination for years for winter family vacation, not only in Europe but also in the global plan.

At the end of 2017, the resort was nominated as the leader of the continent in a study of Post Oce Travel, carried out jointly with the “Crystal Ski Holiday” – with one of the leading tour operators in the UK. The report was quoted by the influential “Telegraph”, and “Daily Mirror” classified Bansko in 7th place, among the winter resorts in general, in the world.

Bansko Mountain Resort with… sea attraction

Bansko offers numerous attractions, but one of them is quite atypical for a mountain resort. Because it is a traditional sea one and because it is not available anywhere in Europe.

We mean the water slide of 400 meters, which is the longest one on the continent. It is in the summer entertainment complex of Banderishka Polyana above Bansko; its altitude is 1650m. There, tourists can go by the 8-seat cabin lift, which offers a 25-minute journey among views, breathtaking with their majesty and beauty.  On the meadow itself, the rink is constantly “occupied” with people wishing to try the unique experiences of the down-slope skiing, еspecially as there are packages available with reduction of the prices – for 6 and 9 down-slopes skiing.

Apart from the rink, there are many other entertainments for young and adults – mini football and golf, shooting ground, table football, children’s corners with swings, climbing wall, which is also an inflatable one supplied with safety ropes. Letting down a special chute with tubes, known as tubing, creates lots of positive emotions. Of course, all equipment shall be regularly tested for safety before it is started and professional instructors are taking care of the tourists.

In a very interesting way, the local citizens present their original cuisine and their traditional crafts. If you want, you can be “abducted by haidouks”, who, with motley carts and horses, will take you to picturesque meadows near Bansko. There, the picnic with the unique Bansko dishes and appetizers, wine and brandy, are accompanied by folklore spectacle with sumptuous costumes, songs, dances and customs of the Bansko region. The demonstrations of the crafts are during the whole summer season and tourists can try themselves to weave on the ancient looms, to embroider, knit, to make non-standard souvenirs, to be enrolled on bagpipe lessons, mandolin, traditional folk songs and dances, woodcarving.

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