10 Backyard Barbecue Party Tips To Impress Your Guests

Along comes summer, and barbeque parties take charge of the social scene. Well, you could either host the just-like-any-other party; where guests come, have dinner, exchange pleasantries and leave. Or you could follow our tips and throw the most amazing backyard barbeque party that no one can stop talking about. Here’s all that you need to do!

1. Barbeque essentials

First things first, all your barbeque essentials should be in place. Please check you have sufficient propane or gas to fuel the barbeque grill long enough for the roasting to last. If you have a charcoal grill, then reserve a chimney starter to quickly start the charcoal fire. You would also need a long-handled spatula, tongs and forks for safe-handling food near the fire. A grill thermometer is also a great barbeque accessory to have.

2. Get started a few days in advance

Besides the cooking, there will be some odds and ends which need your attention and time. You must start these preparations ahead of the D-day.

This includes mowing the lawn. Also, take stock of the dinnerware and flatware you would be laying out. Check the status of the grill, give it a scrub. Clean the deck and mend the patio chairs if required.

3. Keep the menu simple

Being ambitious is not the best strategy to plan a home-party menu. Stick to tried and tested dishes, the ones you have already mastered a few times. Take note of the food preferences of your guests. If you are having vegetarians over, make sure you include some vegetarian options besides the meat dishes.

A piece of sincere advice, please avoid experimenting at all costs.

4. Pre-cooked dishes and preparations

An under-prepared host cannot keep calm when the guests arrive. You should have the food prepped and ready to go on the grill before the guests arrive. And of course, the side dishes and desserts should be pre-cooked and ready to serve.

5. Outdoor safety measures

Grills and smokers have a nasty reputation as safety hazards. Grease from meat pieces can escape to the pellets and cause a flare-up. Always keep a fire extinguisher within reach for such incidents. You should also keep a small first aid kit, just in case there are minor accidents, cuts or burns.

6. Spread out the condiments

At most barbeque parties, it’s fairly common to find guests either looking for condiments of spilling them. Trust me, if you spread the condiments in neatly laid out portions, your guests will find serving themselves far more convenient. You could also keep sachets of condiments for absolute comfort.

7. Set the right ambience

Fairy lights and a playlist of evergreen hits – that’s the perfect setting for a fun-filled evening get together. Fresh flower arrangements on the table always look very welcoming and cheerful. You could also include simple decor and craft ideas to get the good vibes flowing. Get creative but don’t go overboard.

8. Keep bugs away

Bugs and insects can ruin a fun outdoor party like nothing else. Install an insect killer machine close to the spot where the guests will be dining. One way you could prevent a fly attack is by keeping the food covered and not laying out the dishes too early. Lighting candles on the dining table is also a good way to keep mosquitoes off.

9. Entertainment and games

What makes a good barbeque party the best? Backyard games of course. Kids for sure love to play outdoors. Adults can also join in some exciting family games. You can either have time out for races or leave some leisure games for the guests to enjoy by themselves.

10. Waste management

Keeping out designated trash cans for garbage disposal is a smart move that will not only impress your guests, but it will drastically reduce your post-party cleanup load. You can also keep separate bins for collecting used dishes and cutlery. 

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