Avengers Themed Cocktails For Super Hero High!

There is a high possibility that the Avengers will occasionally chill out at Tony Stark’s Loft where Virginia “Pepper” Potts meticulously create signature drinks for each of their superhero identities. Evidences from The More I Arty might have just confirmed that.

These concoctions may not exactly sound like your typical Singapore Sling kind of drink but they do look awesome and pretty.

If you get to inherit their super powers temporary for a day after sipping one of these drinks, which one will go for? You can only choose 1.

Share your choice and why in the comments section below.

Of course, Peppers has also prepared a drink for Loki, our dear God of Mischief. He needs somewhere to chill out and nurse his wounded ego too.

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  1. Cpt_Justice

    Have you calculated the density of the liquids in the Captain America to know if they will stay striated like that…? (Just wondering)

  2. I would chose Iron Man, because I like Tequila Sunrise and I am sure that scotch will not change the taste that drastically.


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