Autonomous EvoChair – New Premium & Stylish Office Chair With Footrest

Many chairs are in the market, some are beautiful, some are sturdy, and some of them are easy to sit. Everyone needs a chair which has all these types of qualities. We are here to share the brand new Autonomous EvoChair, the brand new premium and stylish office chair with footrest for your staff.

Why Choose the Autonomous Evochair?

The Autonomous  Premium Ergonomic office chair is the best revolving chair for office that has almost all the top class features that an office chair must have.  Smart engineering can be seen in that chair pieces. Creative Italian design looks make that chair stunning and seamless design is so attractive that appeals the buyer for sure. People working in their office face many problems regarding their health and they may suffer from fatigue, backache and backbone issues by constantly sitting on the uneasy chair.  That’s why this chair is very hot selling and very captivating and it completes all criteria of an easy and fabulous office chair.

Designs and Colors of Autonomous Evochair

Many designs are available in these chairs with gorgeous colours, sleek design and multi features. Comfort is the key when anyone wants to purchase for this office chair. If you are workaholic and work late at night in your offices you should not risk your life and can definitely check that product called Autonomous Evochair.

Features of Autonomous Evochair

It’s designed to hold up to 330 pounds all while promoting ergonomic posture the back and the headrest is made of a mesh material to prevent heat build-up when you’re doing things.

  • The seat has a nice foam padding not too firm but not too soft which makes it a beauty for us. Speaking of beauty its curvy design just screams us that mean diamond office chair but that doesn’t mean we’re all work and no play here.
  • There are two levers on the left side pulling the one in front up allows for our horizontal but travel of almost two and a half inches which feels a lot longer than it actually is.
  • It’s all about the way you use it and pushing the other one down unlocks the back for a lazy boy or girl mode pulling it up locks it back into position.
  • You have roughly 30 to 40 degrees to fall back or you can flip the handle on the chair spine to lean forward up to 20 degrees acute adjustment autonomous is particularly proud of this feature.
  • There’s a lumbar cushion made of the same foam as the seat with vertical height adjustment.
  • We don’t know who thought of the mechanism to handle this but once horribly misshapen spine can be damaged.
  • There is no way to move the cushion horizontally being able to slide the seat forward or backwards compensates for it certainly beats the cushions.
  • You see on these Evo chairs speaking of cushions autonomous has a different solution for the headrest to the head pillow has been forsaken and in its place is this curvy cranium collar also sporting vertical adjustment of 2.76 inches or so and 45 degrees of back tilt pulling the less lever on the right up adjust the chairs vertical position placing the seat anywhere between 18 and 20 one inches off the ground.
  • You can stand at a towering five feet nine inches tall and the highest setting puts yourself to shame moving on we have the armrests they’re pretty hard which is okay.
  • If we would have preferred softer ones or not but we really can’t complain because they’re really not uncomfortable they’re being marketed as 3d not because we coexist in the same dimension.
  • They can be adjusted about one-inch side to side a little over an inch forward and back and approximately three inches up or down and while not explicitly mentioned on their site they can also rotate about 10 to 15 degrees outwards the frame of the chair is made of a solid feeling nylon plastic.
  • The five wheelbase is okay, mobility is good on a hard flooring but as expected you’ll find more resistance on the carpet directly.
  • Under the seat, you’ll find a nod that controls tilt tension we found it a little hard to turn but we liked the tension where it is any way aesthetically speaking for the black model.

 Why Autonomous Evochair so comfortable?

The answer is simple but yes these are super comfortable because this is the design worth cherishing we found that even sitting crisscross is actually pretty comfortable our last chair had bolts under the seat where my feet would go and we’ve never been crucified before Just in case you like our overall experience with the chair thus far has been excellent the seat cushion is great for the headrest is comfortable and bouncy the mesh back offers the sweet embrace of spinal relief after a long day of not being in the chair. The lumbar cushion is the best thing since sliced bread and all the levers make this thing feel kind of like a transformer you’re soft you’re curvy you’re flexible.

This chair has been a great investment grabber seekers we got a but coming but there are a number of things that we are not overly enthusiastic about first thing is the armrest while you can lock them vertically there’s no way to keep them in place

For the other two dimensions if we need to adjust yourself in the seat you should use the armrests for leverage and the slide around. When you want to get a leg up if you’re one of those people that like to keep your feet on the base of the chair.

Price of Autonomous Evochair

The price is quite reasonable nearly 349$ and when you sit on it you will feel the quality of Evo chair for sure.

Shipment of the Autonomous

The chair arrives in one big box FedEx always manages to punch holes in things.  Autonomous double wraps for extra protection. The build process was easier than offending somebody in 2016 and while looking at the directions we assume you’re supposed to have a friend help. Since they have you construct most of the chair upside down. We put the base together first installed the guest lifts plop the seat on top and then screwed it all from the underside instead we found this to be easy as long as you use one hand for support and the other for this growing they even give you extras of everything.

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