For a long time, unions in Singapore have been actively representing our low wage blue collar workers and have made significant headways on productivity by helping jobs be Easier, Smarter and Safer (ESS) so that companies can be Cheaper, Better & Faster (CBF)Unions under the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) have raised incomes through Progressive Wage Model (PWM).

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With a fast growing population of PMEs in Singapore, the government and union has started to make plans for stronger protection for our white collar workers. Unfortunately, many PMEs are still unaware of the assistance and protection that can be possibly rendered by our union. Even if they are aware, they are not fully convinced of the union’s power to represent them in the event of retrenchment and unfair treatment at work.

AspirantSG strives to help local PMEs enhance their personal marketability, understand their workplace rights and take note of the appropriate platforms to seek help during times of workplace discrimination and retrenchment.

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