At AspirantSG, we enjoyed writing and sharing mouthwatering cuisines, travel adventures as well as little titbits on social media for discussion. Attending events and getting to know fellow bloggers was a lovely experience, particularly when they blossom into friendship along the way. But we are not all fun and merry, we also hope to be able to give back to the community through AspirantSG Cares – our blog social responsibility initiative to assist individuals or groups driving social projects for the underprivileged in Singapore.

AspirantSG Cares – How It Started

While we were deliberating on our blog direction at the start of 2013, I attended a home birthday party of a really unique nature. The birthday boy wanted no presents but instead monetary donations to support a social project that purchases food & living necessities for the underprivileged elderlies. Other than raising funds, he walks the talk by physically taking part in the distributions. We were really touched by his commitment and actions towards such a meaningful cause.

AspirantSG Cares – The Concept

AspirantSG Cares is our blog social responsibility (BSR) initiative to take on a proactive role to assist individuals or groups who are driving social projects for the underprivileged in Singapore. 

AspirantSG Cares 2014

Though blog publicity, we hope to help these initiatives:

1. Gain more awareness for their cause.

2. Create pre-publicity for charitable events.

3. Physically participating in meaningful on-ground events.

4. Event post publicity coverage

AspirantSG Cares – Contact Us

If you have a meaningful social project on hand which you will like our participation, please email in with full information to [email protected]

Kindly note that:

1. The subject has to be a registered and approved social project for the underprivileged in Singapore.

2. We are not full-time bloggers hence participation is only possible on weekday evenings or weekends (preferred).

3. Please give ample time notice of events and publicity timeline.

4. AspirantSG has the final participation rights.

Thank you