Asia – Are you ready for Rankable?

Asia has traditionally practised a high context culture and its people tend to keep their opinions amongst close ones or to themselves. There is an unspoken fear of not being able to conform within their groups or societies.

This barrier to voicing own point of view was weaken with the rise of charismatic, opinionated influencers as social media came into play. People looked up to these influencers, followed their beliefs and secretly wished they had the power to sway public views.

Today, we have evolved to the stage where we can at times agree to disagree with these influencers. We are no longer just followers. We are not afraid to make our individual opinions known but are we ready to contribute responsibly to crowd wisdom?

If your answer is yes. You are ready for Rankable!

What is Rankable about?

Quote Rankable ‘We are all about crowdsourcing info, ideas & opinions. From bands to bridal magazines, restaurants to rock formations, movies to magic tricks. You rank things, we keep score.’

The BIG idea behind is for any normal twitter user to share his / her personal score on products, services, organizations, groups or anything under the sun that they encountered in their everyday life. Their score will go towards creating a consolidated, average score for public reference.

Start Ranking in 3 Simple Steps!

The guys behind Rankable has made it really easy for us.

If I want to rank Haji Lane in Singapore, I will simply tweet “I love visiting #hajilane in Singapore #rankable 8/10”. 

To check the scores of your subject you can just search for it at Rankable. But do give at least 2 minutes for your tweet to be registered in the system.

Your Poll Counts! 

Rankable has also created a web based widget that makes it super easy for anyone to organize polls on any subject of interest.

What’s in it for me?

By actively sharing your opinions on a particular brand, product or service, consumers are now able to have a good gauge of the subject matter based on its public sentiments.

Similarly, the ranked subject can also use the information to understand where they currently stand and strive to improve their ranking.

How is Rankable relevant to my city?

Rankable works for any hashtag and it’s not just for brands. You can use it on movie, local restaurants, books, places, the list is endless. Although geo-tagging is yet to be available, users can include location via hashtags (ie #CokeSingapore, #MacDonaldsGrandIndo, #StarbucksHCMC)

Rank & Win from 1 May to 10 Jun 2012!

Join the #Rankable Challenge. They are picking up to 200 people and giving them a chance to win $100 each week for the next month.

Here’s how it works:

During the contest, you have to tweet at least 2 #Rankable ratings per day to qualify. Each day, they will give you a suggested topic for one of your tweets (ie: best/worst Hockey team). The other tweet(s) each day are up to you. At the end of each week, only those people who qualified are put in a draw for $100. The winner is announced and it starts over the next week.

How to register:

1. Let Rankable know you are in by emailing and include your twitter handle in the subject line. Only the first 200 responses will be considered.

2. Make sure you follow @rankable so we can DM you info for this contest.

3. (optional) Tweet: “@rankable is just as awesome as #turtlenecks! #rankable __/10”

Terms & Conditions:

1. Contest runs the weeks of 1 May – 10 Jun 2012

2. Winners will be drawn Sunday nights of the contest between 7pm and 9pm EST. Qualifications begin again at 12:00 midnight Sunday night.

3. To qualify, tweets must be done correctly. See our FAQ for instructions on how to use Rankable.

4. Tweeting more than 2 #Rankable tweets per day will not result in more chances of winning, but it will make us at #Rankable like you a bit more, and we think that that is a gift unto itself.

5. You must be a real live person to enter this contest. Mailing addresses of winners are required to accept prizes.

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