Why Antai College Could Be The Best Place For Industry Research

Based on some methods, evaluating the comprehensive strength for the colleges consists of three pieces, which are research, faculty, and curriculum. Among them, research is a crucial part that provides great momentum for its development. It can show the ability to pursue solutions to today’s critical problems. That is to say, it comes from practice and returns to practice.

Here is one good example of research on the basis of theory and practice- first industrial community class by Antai College of Economics and Management. As the first industry community class co-founded by MBA, EMBA, EE, and GPER, it focuses on three directions: financial technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and automobile ecology. With a detailed understanding of it, you will find this international business school could be the best place for industry research because of these three reasons.

Perfect curricula system

The opening of the industry community class marks a new stage where the industry research incorporated into the curriculum system of Antai College. It aims to create new knowledge by correct discipline development view and In-depth study of the industry. The course system of the industry community class is mainly divided into two modules: thematic courses and industry exploration. The latter includes industry salon, enterprise visit, a private board of directors, and the Antai symphony brand forum, in which people will learn a lot in the industry. Students in the experimental class have courses one day a month, including industry-specific courses and industry exploration activities. After the completion of the pilot, it is to offer 4-8 industry practice elective courses with one credit.

First-class faculty

Most of the responsibility professors of the community class are the heads of the industry research team of the Industry Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Moreover, the council of the community class brings together the leaders and influential experts of various industries.

Liu Shaoxuan and Wu Wenfeng, vice presidents of Antai College of Economics and Management, Wu Chongfeng, professor of the finance department, and Shu Haibing, assistant professor of the finance department, serve as a professor in charge of finance science and technology class. Zhao Xu, executive vice president of School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Dong Zhengying, associate professor of innovation and strategy department of Antai College, and Shi Xianwei, assistant professor of organization management department, served as the responsibility professor of innovation and entrepreneurship class. Jiang Wei, chairman and professor of operations management department of Antai College, Luo Jianwen, professor of management science department, Chen Jie, professor of the marketing department, and Yin Chengliang, director of Electric Vehicle Innovation Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, serve as the responsibility professor of automobile ecology class.

The industry community class will deeply integrate the industry practice, promote the virtuous cycle of practice, academic, and teaching, and build a diversified new ecosphere of business.

Outstanding students

The first industry community class accounts for 79% of males and 21% of females. The average age of students is 39.3 years old. Its proportion of students and alumni is close to 1:1. 82% of them are MBA and EMBA students.

Among them, 87% of the financial science and technology students have more than ten years of work experience, and 25% have more than 15 years of management experience. Among the students of innovation and entrepreneurship class, 53 have started their businesses, with a total registered capital of 1.76 billion and a total venture capital of 1.43 billion. 13% of the students in the automobile ecology class have more than 15 years’experience of management, and 30% of them manage more than 100 people.

Huang Haiqing, the co-founder and CEO of DATATOM, as a representative of the financial technology class and a veteran, has been engaged in the financial technology industry for 21 years. He believes that financial informatization has gone through three essential processes: financial electronization, mobile internet finance, and financial technology. On behalf of female students in innovation and entrepreneurship class, Han Yan, founder of KANS and founder of MSSHAN, has 9 brands on the right track and her entrepreneurial experience to share. As a student representative of the automobile ecology class, Zhan Quan, a Co-founder of Shanghai Zuoyu Asset Management Co., Ltd., believes that the pattern of the whole automobile market is changing. From R & D to production, manufacturing, and service, the entire value chain is under reconstruction. In the future, the opportunities of the Chinese automobile market are more significant than the challenges. He hopes to work with his classmates to drive the automotive industry forward.

With great curricula system, first-class faculty, and outstanding students around you, Antai College can help you track the latest trends of the industry and could be the best place for industry research.

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