An Exclusive Interview With Insta Butler

Insta Butler is a busy chap. Once he has been summoned by #igbutler within Instagram’s built-in commenting system, he will find related tags and automatically add them to your photo. With Insta Butler, instead of being limited to only 30 tags, you can now have more than 300 tags for maximum exposure.

AspirantSG is privileged to have the opportunity to interview Insta Butler together with his creator Raw Jam – a Web Development company based in leafy Surrey, England to find out more about him and what he does for his living.

1. Tell us how you stumbled upon the idea of Insta Butler

Posting photos on Instagram can be incredibly rewarding. In fact, I found that the first time someone ‘liked’ one of my photos, I was hooked! The idea that seemingly random strangers might like the photos you’re taking (and like them enough to either send you a nice comment or follow you) is a powerful act of engagement. Instagram is great because it is literally ALL about the photos… take a nice shot and you get lots of interest. Take a bad shot and suddenly, you find you’re receiving a lot less likes and fewer comments. The quality of your photos really is king!

This simple understanding of the way Instagram works, got me and my team thinking. If our ‘success’ and the richness of our interactions within Instagram are going to be dictated by the quality of our photos, then it stands to reason that we’d want to give these photos the very best chance at being seen by as many genuine people as we can. At the end of the day, there are bound to be people out there that like the style of photos you take, so let’s find as many of them as we can. Insta Butler was born; and exists to deliver a service that helps people generate genuine interest in their photos.

2. What exactly does Insta Butler do?

Have you ever tried typing out the same 30 tags in Instagram time after time, or forgotten to include a special tag? How often have you felt frustrated that you could only submit a maximum of 30 tags within Instagram?

To solve this, Insta Butler introduces the idea of Tag Collections. No longer do you need to type out each of the tags you want to send – all you need to do now is create the list once, give it a special name and then call that collection each time you need to use it.

Insta Butler does a lot of things to help you gain exposure and work more effectively in Instagram. Our killer product though, is the ability to send 300+ tags to your photos in just a couple of small steps:

– Select a photo you want to promote in Instagram

– Write the following comment against the photo: “#igbutler tags popular”

– Sit back and watch Insta Butler do it’s magic.

Over the next couple of hours 300+ tags from the popular Tag Collection will be sent to that photo creating genuine interest (likes, comments and followers) in your photo.

3. Is there anything else about Tag Collections i need to know?

Good question! Sure, Tag Collections save you time, but the most powerful feature is that your Tag Collections can contain as many tags as you want (and we literally mean as many as you want – some users have 1000+ tags in their collections). Instagram limit you from being able to add only 30 tags to each post… with Insta Butler Tag Collections, we can send hundreds, even thousands of tags.

4. What if I don’t want to create my own Tag Collection?

No problem! We have a number of public Tag Collections for anyone to use – and we’re updating them daily. Take our ‘popular’ collection, for example. This collection currently contains 300+ of the most popular tags in Instagram. We update this list daily to make sure it stays relevant. We also have lists for ‘nature’, ‘clouds’, ‘sunset’ etc – each containing lots of lovely tags inside.

5. Sounds great! How can our readers get started with Insta Butler?

You can sign-up for free at Simply login with your Instagram account and you’re ready to go!

6. How do you actively engage with your members?

All of our users have access to a number of tools on the Insta Butler website. From there they can manage their own Tag Collections, see which other Collections are popular and see exactly which posts they’ve used Insta Butler on in the past. Outside of this, we send out newsletters and emails to keep our users up to date with new features.

Probably our most important area for user engagement though, is our Feedback area on the website. Here our users can suggest new ideas for improving the Insta Butler service – we spend a lot of time listening to our users here and often roll out new feature requests on the very same day they are requested. We find this part of the business a lot of fun!

7. What’s the best part of your job?

Without a doubt, it’s talking to our members. Some of the most rewarding conversations I have, are those from users that are intensely passionate about photography but have been looking for ways to help people find their photos in Instagram.

Hearing that Insta Butler has helped them gain exposure and genuine interest in their work is such a rewarding aspect of the job.

8. Where can we find you? Are you on Facebook or Twitter too?

Our website is We’re also on Twitter (@igbutler) and Facebook (

9. Will you have an app for mobile or tablet soon?  

There are no plans at the moment to develop a mobile or tablet app. The beauty of Insta Butler is that you don’t need a special app to run it. All you need is the official Instagram app – and you can start using Insta Butler right away!

10. Any tips for aspiring Instagrammers?

For me, the single most important thing to remember when using Instagram is to be genuine and true to yourself. Stick to the style of photography that excites and interests you. Your passion will come through and people will find you as a result. We love people that get excited about taking photographs – and with the help of Insta Butler, we love helping these people get their works of art seen by as many genuine people as possible.

That makes the end of our interview. Special thanks to Insta Butler & Raw Jam for their time.

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  1. Ah, I just went to the site on Instagram Butler. A pity about the cost!

    • Go try the free version first?

    • Post on behalf of Benjamin Dell, Founder & CEO of Insta Butler

      Hi Daniel,

      Ben here from Insta Butler.

      Thanks for the comment and interest. It always pains me to see that we’ve out-priced a potential customer. Due to this, I am excited to be able to report that for a special 2 week window (effective now), we’ve massively reduced our prices.

      If you need any help with Insta Butler, pricing or have any other questions – please just shout 🙂


      Founder & CEO at Insta Butler

      • Thanks Ben & AspirantSg,

        I just tried the free version. First time it worked okay. Second time it is just stuck with a fix set of tags (probably a bug which should be fixed) – ended up with me getting less likes than I would have if I posted my own tags. Am stucked now, can’t delete, can’t post my own.

        Just a feedback, the speed at which it tags overall could have been faster. Once you can get that (and other bugs fixed), it should have lots of potential.

  2. Good post and app. As an Instagram lover, this will be a really convenient app to have. Cheers 🙂


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