Six Amazing Inventions That Will Change Our Future

No matter how we imagine our future, it will be definitely technological. Everything will be different. As Oscar Wilde wrote in his the drama of canterville ghost, innovations will change beyond recognition both the world and us. Although not every change is for better, we can confidently affirm that the goal of all inventions is to make our life more comfortable. In this post, we have collected six amazing inventions and technologies that will make our life easier and will change us for the better.

1. Artificial Pregnancy

An artificial reproductive system, which includes the uterus and placenta connected to the umbilical cord by means of catheters, was first tested. Mice impregnated by dint of artificial pregnancy underwent an experiment covering the stage of impregnation, carrying of pregnancy, and accubation. It is expected that this invention will save the life of many premature babies in the future and will be helpful in case of a complicated pregnancy. In the meanwhile, studies of an artificial reproductive system still continue. So one day, we will perhaps be able to transplant embryos conceived in vitro into an artificial uterus.

2. Contraception with a Button

The development of a contraceptive implant is in progress. The device will be introduced into the female body and activated with a simple click. The implant is a miniature reservoir that every day releases an exact dose of a progestative hormone. The same contraceptive implant can be used for sixteen years. And if you want to get pregnant, you simply need to switch off the tool. Everything is easy. The research is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the idea of the invention belongs to the founder of Microsoft. The novelty is expected to appear on the American market this year.

3. Eco-friendly Fashion

Many people believe that we will soon walk in sneakers made of biodegradable polymers and wear glasses made from the seeds of castor oil and citric acid. In short, we will do everything to reduce oil consumption. And it is not a joke. According to Stella McCartney, we are entering the era of revolutionary and eco-friendly fashion. When creating a Dry Dye shirt for Adidas, a famous British designer dyed fabric without using water, chemicals, and energy. It is just the beginning of the new era in the fashion industry; more to come in the future. 

4. Lenses for Diabetics

Nowadays, there are about three hundred and forty-seven million diabetics in the world. And they all have to pierce their fingers every time they need to check the blood sugar level. Blood test undergoing can occur from once a month to five times a day, depending on the severity of the disease. The innovative lenses will read the information contained in the lacrimal liquid and transfer the data to the computer automatically and absolutely bloodlessly. Companies Google and Novartis are involved in research and claim that the tool will be released in five years. 

5. Robots Spouses

According to the expert on the artificial intellect David Levy, a person will be able to create a family with a robot by 2050. One can already buy an emotional and talking robot in Japan, and the innovation is expected to appear in France soon. Everyone interested will be able to buy a robot at a price of 1500 euros apiece. Pepper, whose prototype was developed by Aldebaran for SoftBank, is able to understand our emotions and experiences.

6. Modular Houses

One of the main trends of the past 10 years is the extinction of villages and the overpopulation of big cities. The desire of people to move to large cities leads to a rise in a price of real estate. That’s why it is necessary to think about space use optimization and smart building constructions. Modular homes will make housing more affordable. Prefabricated houses are manufactured at the factory and installed after the acquisition in the required place. Simplicity in the manufacture, mass production, universal design reduce cost and, accordingly, the price for your own habitation. In other words, a modular house is a cool thing to expect in the near future.

Modern Innovations – Good or Bad?

The world of high technologies always goes ahead. There is no limit to the imagination for inventors. Every year, they invent completely new devices and tools – all aimed at making our life easier and more comfortable. Wherever the progress goes, we cannot escape the development of science and technology. We can expect to be impatient or afraid of technical progress, but one thing we can know for sure is that our life will never be the same as it was a few dozen years ago.

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