The Trick To Finding Alice In Wonderland When Visiting Singapore

Do you live in Singapore and want to wear your Alice in Wonderland costumes without seeming out of place? Or maybe you have children that love dressing up and want to go see something related to Alice. The point is that if you are in Singapore, whether you live here or just want to visit, there are actually quite a few Alice in Wonderland shows, activities, and related events going on here. Singapore is the perfect place to put on those awesome Alice in Wonderland Costumes! 

1. Go See A Kid’s Production

If you and your kids love Alice, and you guys would like to dress up in your favourite Alice in Wonderland costumes, the Kids in Wonderland production might just be the right thing for you. It is a super interactive theatrical show for your kids, based around Alice. It’s great for kids over 2 years old, it lasts 45 minutes, and it tells the story in a way that everybody can understand. It’s perfect for residents and tourists alike.

2. Alice In Wonderland Themed Dinner

You can dress up in your Alice in Wonderland costumes or you can choose to go dressed as yourself. The point is that Singapore has an awesome Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant that does its best to recreate the tale, while also feeding diners some really wonderful food.

Everything in this restaurant is all Alice, from the waiters who are dressed up like the characters to the Alice themed food. It might not be a nightly thing that you go do, but it’s definitely something that you need to see at least once, not to mention taste. Apparently, the food here is actually quite delicious. Beware, this is a pop-up kind of thing, so it is not always around, but it tends to come back at least once per year.

3. Alice In Wonderland Opera

If you are more inclined to go to an opera, but still love Alice in Wonderland, maybe you could try checking out the Alice in Wonderland opera. Now, this has actually already passed, as it was set to happen on the Easter weekend.

However, it got rave reviews and was actually quite popular, both with locals and tourists. So, keep checking in because chances are that this opera will return sooner rather than later. It is quite an entertaining show to say the least, especially if you dress up in your favourite Alice in Wonderland costume!

4. Alice in Wonderland Store

Now, this might be a little bit off topic, because you certainly won’t find Alice in Wonderland costumes, shows, or food here. However, there is a little shop called Alice in Wonderland, located here in Singapore, which sells all kinds of furniture and other artistic pieces. Here you can find tables, lamps, centrepieces, shelves, and everything in between, all related to Alice in Wonderland. It might not be conventional, but it certainly is pretty darn cool.

Alice In Singapore

Whether you live here or not, there is always a lot going on in Singapore. If you happen to be here at any time of the year, and you are also an Alice fan, there is always something going on that is related to Alice in Wonderland.

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