Are Airpods Replica Worth It?

Airpods are Apple’s innovation in the Wireless earphones space. They are one of the earliest companies to get on this craze. These earphones have an incredibly stylish design that looks like the same as Apple earphones but without the wire. These are one of the best earphones in the world, but they have a problem. They are super expensive. Not in any country, but all over the world. For a bunch of earphones, they are ridiculously priced and Apple has priced it that way to make it an aspirational product.

For most people these products are unaffordable and they have to rely on other similar products. This is where Airpod replicas come to the mix. Airpod replicas look similar, work similar and have similar features as that of the Airpods, but they have a different name.

Imagine a Xiaomi laptop that looks exactly like a MacBook and works like one, but it has a different name. These Airpod replicas are similar to that. In this article, we see if they are worth buying.

One of the most popular Airpod Replicas is the i80 TWS Earphones. Click on the link to check the review of the i80 TWS and a video of all the features. But there are more than just 1 replica, they come in different shapes, sizes and features. So are Airpods replicas worth it?  Let’s compare it to the i80 for the sake of this article.

The Cost

We all know how much the Airpods cost. The Airpods 2 cost around $160 for one. That is ridiculously expensive for a tiny set of earphones that could easily be lost when the wind blows a bit strongly. Paying so much for a set of earphones is ridiculous for most people. Even though you can afford it, it’s much more than the value you receive for it.

On the other hand, if you take an Airpod Replica such as the i80. It costs around $40. That is 1/4th the cost of the Airpods.

In terms of cost: The Airpod replica, i80 is super worth it.


The Airpods have some pretty neat features which we’ll get into briefly. The first is the H1 chip. When you pop open the Airpods charging case, your phone immediately picks up the presence of the Airpods and shows the battery percentage among other things.

The Airpods also have individual Bluetooth connections with each of the earphone. The Airpods have touch based control. You can use single, double and triple touches to control the music, volume and also changing the song.

The Airpods can charge wirelessly too. So how does the i80 Airpod replica fare?

The i80 has all the features that the Airpods have. Pop-up case? Check, individual Bluetooth connections? Check, Single, Double and Triple touches? Check!

The i80 TWS Wireless can charge Wirelessly too!

In terms of features, the i80 Airpod replica is the same as the Airpod.


The thing is, the quality is what most users are worried about when it comes to the Airpod replica. And the truth of the matter is, they are absolutely brilliant. Amazing sound quality, brilliant Bass and treble.

Based on Mic tests performed as well on the Airpod Replicas, the Mic quality is almost the same as the Apple Airpods, but with a slight difference.

But are they bad? 100% Not.  Are the Airpods better? A tad better.

In terms of quality of sound, the i80 Airpod clones are absolutely worth it


Everybody knows Apple’s products are beautifully designed. They are pristine white, are super sturdy, made of amazing material and give you the premium finish. But what about the i80’s?

The i80’s are exactly the same look and feel of the Airpods. There is not a single difference between the two, except with the light sensor.

In terms of design, the Airpod replica is worth it.

So why is the Apple Airpod so expensive and the i80 TWS Wireless so cheap?

Apple is a perception based company. Their main selling point apart from the quality of their products is also the perception. Apple wants the world to believe that their products are incredibly valuable. They want the world to aspire to get Apple products.

If the price of their product comes down, then the value perception comes down too.

The Apple Airpods replica is budget friendly mass consumer based product that aims to sell without any of those other trappings such as aspiration etc.

This is why Apple Airpods Replica such as the i80 TWS is absolutely worth it.

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