8 Things You Can Learn After Visiting Singapore

Singapore is physically small but is Southeast Asia’s most modern city. It is also an economic giant that offers a unique ethnic experience within its borders. There are also fun cultural holidays and celebrations throughout the year. As a tourist hotspot, Singapore has luxury hotels, great shopping, and delicious cuisine. Here’s a look at some other things you’ll learn after you visit this page on Singapore.

1. Singapore is a Melting Pot of Culture

Singapore’s locale allows it to bring together several cultures unlike any other area of the world. Several cultures and religions come together to create a unique ethnic experience. This includes the cultures and religions of Malay, Indian, Arab, Chinese, and English.

2. It is Easy to Travel

The city of Singapore is designed so it’s easy to walk to tourist destinations. For people who don’t want to walk, public transportation is available. There are tour buses that will go to all the main tourist hot spots. Singapore also has top-rated subway terminals.

3. Singapore Has a Lot of Natural Scenery

Even though Singapore is considered a modernized city, there is an abundance of greenery. This includes Singapore’s parks, nature reserves, and various greenery. With a tropical temperature that maintains well through the year and fairly even annual rainfall, the temperate climate supports a greener climate. One of the best locales is the Dragonfly Lake boardwalk, which has singing chairs, abundant wildlife, and scenic views away from busy city life.

4. There is Great Cuisine

Singapore’s streets are covered in various food stalls offering different types of cuisine. Some of the cooks at these stalls are fairly young (think early tweens). Despite the young age of some of the vendors, they can cook amazingly well. Additionally, many have practised the same dish thousands (if not tens of thousands) of times.

5. Go with the Flow

Some people thrive on schedules and routines. While sticking to an itinerary can be comforting for some people, you’ll likely be relying on public transportation to get you where you need to go. Pay attention to bus schedules (if you’re using them) and don’t bother planning too far in advance.

6. Only the Food is Cheap

Singapore’s great economy is apparent in the cost of travelling and staying in hotels in the area. This is not surprising—Singapore is home to many of the millionaires in the world. It is also quite expensive compared to other areas in Asia. Many people are surprised to find that it is more expensive than visiting places like New York and London. However, it does have cheap, delicious food that reflects the various cultures of the area.

7. You’ll Want to See it From Above

Singapore has a beautiful cityscape that you’ll miss out on if you are staying at ground level. Visit some of the taller buildings in the city and climb up to take in the rooftop view. Some of the best vantage points include Orchard Central Rooftop Garden and the 1-Altitude.

8. The Fun Doesn’t Stop at Night

While you can visit fun tourist destinations like the Zoological gardens and nature preserves during the day, Singapore is also a fun place to be at night. It has music, theater, and other nightlife that is perfect for people who want a closer look at Singaporean culture. It is also a safe city, so traveling at night is not dangerous.

Visiting Singapore is a unique experience that can help you take in a lot of cultures at once. With so much going on, it is easy to see why this is a tourist hotspot and popular business locale.

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