How Do I Prepare For A Big Move?

The move is an extremely tiresome and time-consuming job, but several hacks and tricks can considerably lower down the concern and fear. Follow these few tips, and there you are ready to move along.

A personal record: 

Before anything, select a notebook that will be solely used for this purpose. From keeping accounts to packing list, from noting down reminders to planning the trip, each and everything should be confined to that book only. So that in case of a quick glance you don’t have a lookout for each and every paper and diaries.

Finish your formalities: 

This is a major task. Formalities in both cases. Firstly, in the case of your primary location, you’ll have to make change in the address in every official documents like insurance companies, all online shopping sites, electricity, water, internet bills, identity cards, etc. as well as pay up all dues of maid, gardener, garbage workers, etc.

Secondly, in the case of your new place set up the electricity, paperboy, milkman, vegetable seller, grocery shop lady, internet and TV cables, garbage worker, maid, gateman etc. Overlap both the jobs so that when you reach, there is already everything set in perfection.

Have a moving budget: 

Everyone has an average pricing for everything; this too is no exception. Make use of a moving cost calculator and narrow down your expenditures for e.g. movers cost, transportation cost, cleaning of your new house, any new purchase, bills, emergency expenses, etc. This will give you an idea of the financial costs.

Interact pre your stay: 

Make frequent visits to your new place if possible. This will help in creating a bond among your neighbours which is very necessary since you are to stay with them henceforth. They may come forth to help you in many instances too. And if you have a family, it’ll also become easier for your kid so blend in.

Don’t leave back any food: 

The idea that you are moving has definitely not dawned upon you suddenly, thus calculatedly purchase and cook food items. So that you don’t have to waste or leave behind any sort of food items, whether raw or cooked. Only those you can manage to take should be left behind the previous night.

Don’t forget to label: 

This a thing many forget to do. Always label each and every carton, bag, etc. involved in the pack. So that when you reach your new home you don’t have to rummage through all your boxes for getting in hand a single thing. Labelling will also help in the case of your rearrangement of things.

Plan your arrangement beforehand: 

Make a plan in your head as to which room will be allotted as what. This will give a clear and definite method when it comes to unpacking. So you’ll kind of unpack the bedroom box in the respective bedroom. Now if you start to select after your move, it becomes quite haphazard.

Keep ready your rooms for use: 

Furnish your house with all that is needed. For instance, priming the rooms, applying paint, running through a pest control session, etc. This is important since these things come under safety and hygiene and staying in a new house without performing certain jobs can turn out to be very harmful.


Other than these it is always suggested that you get of well-known movers and also call up your near and dear ones to help you out. The best way to handle it is by letting positivity top the ladder.

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