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8 Must-do’s for Your Team Building Activities in Singapore

Looks can be deceiving, and nothing proves that adage correct quite like the small city-state of Singapore. Renowned the world over for its cosmopolitan and urbane lifestyle, orderliness and productivity-driven work ethics, you will be pleasantly surprised that the folks in Singapore play as hard as they work! Singapore should be your choice destination if you want unforgettable team building experience. So just what are some of the activities that you and your team can look forward to doing? The list is endless but we have curated 8 of the best team building activities Singapore has to offer.

1. Dragon Boat Racing At Kallang River

A perfect mix of sporty, fun and leisure activity, a dragon boat race demands smooth coordination and flawless communication from your team members. You can hire the boats, get lesson on the art of paddling, and understand racing strategies.

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2. Nature Trails At Pulau Ubin

Hard as it might be to believe, the impeccably urban Singapore has a rural paradise tucked away on the small island of Pulau Ubin. The verdant island is blessed with abundant flora and fauna, and makes for a lovely escape from the urban rush. Visit this gem of an island to enjoy corals and exceptional marine wildlife. For the purpose of your team building exercise, this island offers exciting nature trails and mountain biking opportunities.

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3. Singapore Heritage Walk

Singapore is much more than just an ultra modern urban landscape. The city has several pockets of delightful ethnic colonies that are sure to give you all the cultural experience you crave. For your team building exercise, you can organise expeditions to China Town, Little India, and Arab Street. The possibilities for organising different activities in these parts of the town is limited only by your imagination – they can include cooking workshops to architectural and arts and crafts workshops.

4. Golf Course Challenge

When it comes to golf courses, you find yourself spoiled in Singapore. The city boasts of some of the best golf courses anywhere in Asia. And a golf course is a good place to organise a fun, relaxed but nevertheless challenging team building activity. These activities can be organised in team games where the team with the lowest possible strokes after a designated number of holes can be declared the winner.

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5. Cook Out Challenge

No team building exercise in Singapore can be complete without a culinary and cooking competition. Singapore not only has a number of michelin starred restaurants and celebrity chefs, the city-state is quite simply unbeatable in the diversity of cuisines and ingredients. The gastronomical scene in Singapore is heavily influenced by Chinese, Indian, Malay cuisine. All of this means that you can organize exciting cookery competitions with the aid of local judges who are masters of their craft.

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6. Night Safari

Probably one of the top attractions in a city that is full of tourist hotspots. Most of us have been to, or at least have heard of, safaris during the day time. However, what that means is that you get to miss out the nocturnal animals in all their magnificence in their local habitat. Not if you visit the sprawling 40 hectare park in Singapore that boasts of over 1000 animals belong to 115 species. Almost 30 per cent of those species are critically threatened, facing the risk of extinction. This is the kind of night life your team wouldn’t have envisioned in Singapore, one that is both entertaining and educational.

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7. Art Galleries

The rich cultural and historical heritage of Singapore cannot be appreciated without a tour of some of the best arts scene in the city. Visit Tanjong Pagar Distripark to marvel at the artifacts in five different art galleries. From minimalist, modern and contemporary art to indigenous art from local tribes as far as Australia, you will encounter one masterpiece after another. The Distripark also has an art space to organize enriching team building competitions – the type that involves free associations, creativity and imagination – that allow people to express their own interpretation of team work and ethos.

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8. Rock Band Experience

If you are tired of all the travel and food-related team building activities, perhaps you would like to try to chill out with some music and stuff. Conduct your corporate team building in Singapore with a rock band experience! There are several companies in Singapore that offer team building events that specialise in activities that involved music. You can play around with any musical instruments of your choice and be a rock star in your own way!

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