5 Reasons To Pack Your Bags & Head To A European Tour

For millions of travellers every year who are on both short and long trips, Europe is a fascination destination that offers a variety of experiences. It may be the smallest continent but it can give visitors memories of a lifetime. From party islands, beaches and made-out-of-passion food to timeless villages, shopping in flea markets and art museums, Europe is a wealth of a place waiting to be discovered. We’ve enumerated below 5 irresistible reasons to go a European tour this New Year. 

1. Borderlessness

One remarkable aspect of buying Europe tour packages is that you can drive, take a train or even walk within most parts of Europe and across the border without being stopped. With no border crossings, there’s no need for fear in visiting several countries in just a single trip. The days of having to wait in endless queues for passport verification are long gone. The eurozone is now one big country. The only countries with border checks still in place are Ireland and the UK. 

2. Safety

Compared to the U.S., Europe reports fewer cases of gun-related crimes, assaults and batteries, and carjackings. If there is any petty crime of note, it’s pickpocketing in places such as Rome, Paris and Barcelona. One can walk freely around major historic cities without apprehension. Despite coming under sporadic terrorist attacks, statistics point to Europe still being a safe travel destination for many.

3. Foodies’ paradise

For food lovers, a trip to Europe equals to a discovery journey of diverse, authentic and delicious cuisines. Pasta, wheat-flour bread, pastries, dumplings and a variety of wines are common in most European countries. Besides, age-old and unique recipes of each country add exciting to food tourists. In fact, nearly all travellers to Europe agree that one of the great things about travelling to this continent is its food.

4. Excellent connectivity

At a time when budget air transport has become a common mode of transport for the world, the extensive railway system in Europe still plays an important role in creating convenient and enjoyable travels between its countries. One finds the continent crisscrossed with rail tracks on which numerous trains chug along day and night. Along with regular train services, travellers find special heritage trains to make journeys in opulence. Add to this its elaborate system of buses, subways, trams and trolleys that discards the need for renting expensive cabs.

5. Pleasant weather

Weather may not get mentioned in most holiday packages, but even during shoulder seasons, travellers find Europe’s weather pleasant and friendly. Throughout much of September and right through early November, many places in Europe enjoy the warm weather. Though the weather is unpredictable at times, the air is not as hot and sticky as it is in summer. This encourages many outdoor attractions for both young and old. The weather between peak and off-peak seasons is agreeable and the crowd is smaller, making it an ideal time to travel for those who hate stuffy, blocked up places.

In Conclusion

As you just saw, a Europe tour can turn out to be an adventure that is inspiring, educative and fun. People are hospitable, the foods are darn tasty, places are historically rich, sceneries are of breathtaking beauty, shopping is phenomenal, and it is easy to move around. Any traveller from any part of the world couldn’t have asked for more. If you’ve not thought of your travel destination for this festive season yet, include Europe in the itinerary. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Borderlessness is definitely a time-saving factor in Europe

  2. Europe is always fascinating. I will definitely try.

    • Europe is bit expensive but totally worth it. One must definitely try. You will experience the cultural uniqueness over there

  3. Great information and explain everything properly about the beautiful place. Thank you for sharing.


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