5 Oral Health Tips For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Kiss

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure many couples will be planning their own romantic dates. Perhaps some of you have even made plans to end off the night with……. A kiss! (I know what you were thinking). Does my breath smell? Are my teeth clean? I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you were extra conscious of your oral health at this moment. Dental Dorks and we are here to help with 5 oral health tips for the perfect Valentine’s Day kiss!

A funny anecdote was when one of my patients came to me, and told me that he was here “because his gums were bleeding when he kissed his girlfriend”. How then can you ensure the best oral health to impress your date? Here are 5 simple tips from your dentist:

1. Practice good oral hygiene daily.

This includes toothbrushing and flossing twice per day. Don’t forget the tongue! You can use non-alcoholic mouthwash as a supplement, but it mustn’t replace brushing and flossing itself.

2. Do not eat anything that has a pungent smell before/during your date.

Garlic, onion, durians etc are all no-nos! You get the drift.

3. Have regularly 6 monthly visits to the dentist for check-ups and professional cleaning.

You need to see your dentist for scaling and polishing of stains and hardened plaque that cannot be removed by toothbrushing. Bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease, which should be treated early.

4. Try not to smoke if possible – it’s good for your health too!

Also, persistent bad breath may be related to certain medical conditions too, so please see a medical doctor if needed.


5. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your mouth moist.

You could also try sucking on sugarless mints (no gums in Singapore unfortunately)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and here’s to a great Valentine’s Day for your partner and you! If you’re single, having a good breath would more likely attract potential partners too. Just saying! For more useful medical and dental tips, read this post on the top 16 doctor/dentist hacks in Singapore! You may want to find out more about good denture adhesive too!

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