5 Amazing First Date Locations in Asia

The most breath-taking first date spots in Asia can provide the perfect start to a new relationship. People are meeting over the internet and romance has become an international trend and people may know each other very well through Skype, email and social networks but have never physically met.

Men and women are no longer looking for the standard first-date in this situation it has been built up for months and maybe even years. They are seeking a date to be remembered for a lifetime. If the relationship is long-term, couples want to look back and remember the first date fondly.

Here are five first date spots to be remembered forever:

1. Elephant Ride For 2 At Chiang Mai

Riding on an elephant in any Asian country can be a truly memorable experience. On a first date, why not try Chiang Mai’s Elephant Sanctuary? This sanctuary is both educational and fun. While riding the animals, it will prepare the couple for a true Asian trek on an elephant. The outdoor adventure experience can be truly enchanting. More advanced couples can venture on a true elephant trek to view other parts of Asia.

2. Snorkel Amongst Fishes At Maldives

Try snorkelling in beautiful Maldives. The coral islands and exotic fish will be a feast for the eyes. Nature’s underwater masterpiece is absolutely breath-taking. Take an underwater camera and catalogue the event to remember. Feel romantic and be enveloped by the perfect greens and blues of the area. The Maldives beaches are truly an experience not to be missed. Plan an evening adventure and incorporate a sunset viewing into the agenda.

3. Enjoy A Romantic Boat Ride Through Bangkok’s Floating Markets

Bangkok, Thailand is the perfect location for romantic boat rides through the canals of the city. The boat rides are romantic, relaxing and educational. As the boat weaves through the canal, visitors will view what makes this area charming and beautiful. Bangkok, Thailand is a remarkable first date to be remembered for a lifetime.

4. Be Mesmerise By The Peak At Hong Kong

There is nothing more impressive and romantic as Hong Kong’s skyline at night. Every night there is a festival of lights complete with lasers and twinkling skyscraper lights. The spectacular display of modern design is impressive and can be romantic while walking hand-in-hand. Couples can experience the view from the highest elevation in Hong Kong. Make an entire day of the trip and enjoy the date with your special someone.

5. Savour the Sunset At Bali

In Bali, the landscapes offer an incredible delight for the senses. The lush green foliage and sweeping rice fields can keep visitors intrigued with its splendour for hours. The location is magical with its impressive volcanoes and beautiful beaches. There are so many places for which to photograph and capture the sun’s beautiful display of colours and beauty as it sets. Most people remark that Bali’s sunsets are some of the most romantic in the region. A true display of artistry occurs every evening in Bali.

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  1. Out of these 5 I would choose a boat ride through floating market. Haven’t seen anything like this in my life.

  2. Beautiful locations! This is a inspiration to visit Asia. Thank you for sharing.

  3. These are Amazing locations Asia, I have visited Maldives already, that is a very lovely place to travel. I will surely roundup the all places what you provides here. thanks for sharing.


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