4 Reasons Why You Must Consider Traveling for Cosmetic Surgery

Are you planning on undergoing cosmetic surgery? If so, you likely have begun your journey in a similar fashion to how you decide where you want to eat at night: with a quick Yelp or Google search in your area. Though cosmetic surgery is one of the more expensive elective procedures you can undergo, so many put the fate of their bodies in the hands of doctors whose main redeeming quality is that they’re better than other doctors nearby.

However, if you truly want to get the best results possible, then it may be time to expand your boundaries and travel to find the doctor that’s most likely to give you the results you desire. Here are just a few reasons why travelling for cosmetic surgery may be the best option for you!

“The Best” Surgeons Nearby Aren’t Always the Best 

If you live in a cosmetic surgery mecca – like Scottsdale, or LA – chances are you’ll have plenty of quality options to choose from. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Small town suburbs often lack true quality surgeons, and online ratings may not necessarily reflect the results you receive. As such, it’s crucial to at least attempt to broaden your boundaries, and look at well-known, national surgeons – even if that means taking a plane ride when the day of your procedure arrives!

You Can’t Put a Price on Results

Let’s state the obvious: Travelling for cosmetic surgery makes an already expensive endeavour that much more costly. Plane tickets, hotels, and time off work can add up quickly, making it easy to wonder if it’s really worth the price of admission. But, at the end of the day, is it worth saving the extra money if the results aren’t what you were hoping for them to be?

Not all cosmetic surgery is created equal, and low-quality results – botched procedures notwithstanding – are much more common than you might expect. Paying full price for a cosmetic surgery procedure that fails to help you reach your body image goals can be devastating; fortunately, travelling can help you avoid that.

Many Doctors Offer Travel Perks

With all that said, if you’re really worried about cost, it’s always worth asking prospective surgeons about their travel benefits. Many surgeons offer travel perks, such as free rooms or reduced flights, to those who travel to undergo surgery at their clinics. Though the overall price will more than likely still be more than the base procedure, these travel perks can make it somewhat easier to stomach the additional cost.

Travelling is Preferable to Revision Surgery

Though many may not treat it as such, cosmetic surgery is a highly specialised field that requires just as much training and schooling as becoming a general practice doctor. Because of this, if the doctors in your hometown do not offer the qualifications, certifications, or general skill required to provide you with the best results, the chances of them botching your procedure go up significantly. This can lead to horrific results.

Botched liposuction or other forms of botched cosmetic surgery – if non-lethal – can be so severe that they require additional surgery to “revise” the previous mistakes. Unfortunately, this cost can be as expensive or more so than the initial operation, nullify any potential savings you gain from not travelling to visit a more qualified doctor.

Don’t Let Penny Pinching Scare you Away from More Qualified Surgeons

If you are seriously considering undergoing cosmetic surgery but have yet to find a quality surgeon near you, it’s time to expand your search and consider travelling! Do your research and make sure you visit a cosmetic surgeon that won’t put your future self-confidence – or your life – in danger. Click here to learn more about cosmetic surgery safety today!

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