25 Incredibly Hot Korean Guys To Follow On Instagram

Hallyu, or the love of South Korean cultural exports is an international phenomenon that drives Seoul’s nascent but growing influence across Asia. We are quite positive that many of our local girls often dreamt about dating a Korean eye candy. While it might not happen in real life, we have here to satisfy your fantasy with our selection of 25 Incredibly Hot Korean Guys To Follow On Instagram. Follow these hunkalicious Instagram profiles and fill your feed with hot Korean guys. Happy ‘gramming!

1. abszane

A photo posted by Seungmin Ahn (@abszane) on

2. matw1x

A photo posted by Eugene Choi (@matw1x) on

3. @bleu_the_k

A post shared by BLEU THE K (@bleu_the_k) on

4. mondo_grosso_k

A photo posted by Mondo Grosso (@mondo_grosso_k) on

5. @hyo___o

A post shared by 상효 이 (@hyo___o) on

6. ryan__sj

A photo posted by Ryan.sj (@ryan__sj) on

7. @black_dlwory

8. @junchoiofficial

9. @jinyfit_wbffpro

10. sonseokho

A photo posted by Son Seok Ho (@sonseokho) on

11. @jinwooworld

12. justpeak

A photo posted by 조 영명 (@justpeak) on

13. @ghkdgudrn

A post shared by 황 형 구 ?? (@ghkdgudrn) on

14. jhw0709

15. seoulful_j

A photo posted by Justin Kim (@seoulful_j) on

16. @kings_atozpt

17. kenkimfle

18. chopablaze

A photo posted by Chopa Blaze (@chopablaze) on

19. daeyong_jung_

20. xemio85

A photo posted by 이재민 (@xemio85) on

21. mnkorea

A photo posted by Min Park (@mnkorea) on

22. junkyunii

A photo posted by @junkyunii on

23. nbfitness8999

A photo posted by 김병주 (@nbfitness8999) on

24. xozioz

A photo posted by @xozioz on

25. namhyun__kim

We hope you enjoyed our selection of 25 Incredibly Hot Korean Guys To Follow On Instagram. If you know of any hot korean guys that deserves to be featured, do let us know your recommendations in the comments section below. You may also like to check out our local guys at 25 Hot Singapore Hunks To Follow On Instagram too

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