25 Hot Singapore Girls To Follow On Instagram (October 2015)

Whether you like it or not, man are visual creatures. This is probably why Instagram should be every guy’s favorite social network, purely for the endless opportunities for self-posted eye candy from hot girls. But it does take some effort to source out the hot Singapore Girls out there to follow. To help you fill your feed with hot Singapore Girls, here are 25 Hot Singapore Girls to follow on Instagram for the month of October. You may also want to check out our list of 25 Hot Singapore Babes To Follow On Instagram (December 2015) too! Happy ‘gramming!

1. @Withlovevic

A post shared by Victoria Yeo (@withlovevic) on

2. @jwennn

A post shared by Jermane (@jwennn) on

3. @calistaevangelista

4. @melisloveee

A post shared by ♕ Melissa L Belle 🌹 林芷寜 ♡ (@melisloveee) on

5. @charlottelum

6. bunnyjanjan

7. @francescasoh

A post shared by Francesca Soh (@francescasoh) on

8. @graceyuki

9. @nicolechangmi

10. @xangelinezhangx

11. @nwmz_






12. @huixuanxuan






13. @chasingdistance






How to tear apart the ties that bind, perhaps fuck off might be too kind.

A post shared by Evan (@chasingdistance) on

14. @jermzkoh






Love it when @mattjustinlee spoils me with food 😁

A post shared by Jermaine (@jermzkoh) on

15. @jamietyj




Rainy rainy day today! Stay home and stay warm 🙆 📷 @gabchua @thestagewalk

A post shared by Jamie Tan 🦄 (@jamietyj) on

16. @ericalohh




Blinged-out 💍🎄

A post shared by Erica Loh (@ericalohh) on

17. @speishi




Poking those fats on my face. Editing my video which will be up this weekend! Guess what is it??☺️✨

A post shared by SOH PEI SHI (@speishi) on

18. asyihaams




Stay happy, always.

A post shared by Asyiha Ams (@asyihaams) on

19. @triciahwam




20. @ponyyzz




😎 hv a great Tuesday // also, add me on snapchat >> princessponyyzz 💕 see you there!

A post shared by 🎀 PONY | DONNA (@ponyyzz) on

22. rchlwngxx




Sunset at @avistahotelsandresorts wearing @magalipascal 🌅 #rchlwngxxavista #avistahideaway

A post shared by ✘ Rachel Wong 誼恩 ✘ (@rchlwngxx) on

23. cheriezeng




24. tippytapp




A post shared by Jessica Tham (@tippytapp) on

25. @stfubunny




We are sorry if we left out many other hot Singapore Instagrammers. There is always to the next month to be featured. Guys, do let us know other suggestions in the comments section below. You may also want to check out our list of 25 Hot Singapore Babes To Follow On Instagram (December 2015) too!




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  1. @teycindy

  2. mitsubishilancer009

    @aggylow’s not too bad!

  3. Chon wey

    I think melissaaalim from srjc should be on this list

  4. Very gd looking girl !

  5. Give @limsiangjoo a check!she’s hot


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