25 Beautiful Cats Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore

Dogs may be stars on the big screens but on the Internet, cats reign supreme. #catsofinstagram photos outweigh #dogsofinstagram anytime! We have trawled the Instagram scene in Singapore and curated this list of 25 Beautiful Cats Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore. Interestingly some of these accounts are photographers who just love to snap gorgeous photos of feline on the streets of Singapore. If you love dogs as well, do visit our list of 25 Cutest Dogs Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore too. Enjoy!

1. @bobbobsays

This is Burger Boy. He was abandoned a few months back and is being fostered by @duatau @iamcolabay @coconeko. He's very friendly, and loves hugs and kisses and human companionship. He's FELV + so he's only suited for single cat households (windows and doors must be mashed) and other CWS guidelines must be followed. If you think that you would love to give him a forever home. Please do drop a message. For more of Burger Boy's photographs, check out Nicky Bay on Facebook (photograph here from Nicky Bay FB page) #burgerboy #sgcat #sgcats #singaporecats #singaporecat #adoptionsg #duatau #duataubay #simei #tampines #bedok #pasirris #woodlands #punggol #sengkang #bukittimah #bukitbatok #hdbcat #hdbcats #catmolester #catsofsingapore #catsingapore #kuching #comelcat #kuchingsg #sgkuching #toapayoh #tiongbahru #queenstown #serangoon

A photo posted by Stray Cats of Simei, Singapore (@bobbobsays) on

2. @scottycreamy

3. @cathair.stardust

'sup?! ?

A photo posted by @cathair.stardust on

4. @hyatttears

Good Thursday morning from Tom! ? Tom is like my heartbeat. She's closer to me than anyone else at home. Even when I'm working (I work from home), she has to sleep somewhere around my working desk. When I have to leave the house, she'll at times block the main entrance by laying flat across the gate. When I'm off to sleep at night, she'll be by my side until I doze off. When I woke up in the morning, usually she'll be the one waking me up when I snooze my alarm. All these precious moments, I'm blessed to have them in my life. #Tom #myfelinefriends #myfurkids #catsofinstagram #sgcats #ilovecats #catlovers #catpaparazzi #catsinsingapore #catstagram #adoptdontshop #cats_of_instagram #catwelfaresociety #singaporecats #catoftheday #instapet #lifewithacat

A photo posted by Hyattea Jamie☆❄ (@hyatttears) on

5. @babybanditocat

6. @tofsytofu

Fwens #camel

A photo posted by Watch Tofu Grow! (@tofsytofu) on

7. @fantastic_kingdom

8. @fanazmi

Here comes the sun…….

A photo posted by Fanazmi (@fanazmi) on

9. @pickleandpepper

10. @parklifekitty

12. @fattylittlecattychai

13. @baileyandgracie

14. @talking_cats

"I saw you from across where I was… my heart lurched. I wanted so much to call out to you… to give you a big, big, hug. But I stopped myself. I struggled with my thoughts. What we had are all in the past. I have to remember that. The past is never coming back. We thought we would last forever. We thought we felt the same about each other. But it was not to be. You never knew what love is. How could I have expected you to recognise it, or even to give it? I should never have looked into your eyes, the first time we met… those eyes ensnared me. They went so deep that it hurt so much to finally get out. Or have I?…" . How's that? How's that?! I'm a writing cat! I'm an aspiring romance writer. I set the mood by first taking a selfie. Then I stare at it for hours before I start to write. I'm now thinking of a pen name so that no one knows I'm a cat. Any suggestions for meow? . #writing #romance #selfie #cat #writer #catstory #cat #catsofinstagram #catstagram #sgcats #singapore #sgstrays #straycats #igsg #sg #igcats #catlovers #gato #instacats #tabbycat #animals #kitten #lol #humour #neko #sunday

A photo posted by Talking Cats of Singapore (@talking_cats) on

15. @scottish.muffin

16. @moomoocowthecat

? No belly attack please!

A photo posted by Moomoocow (@moomoocowthecat) on

17. @duatau

I got caught stealing @iamcolabay 's food. No regrets coz ? Heeheehee

A photo posted by Duatau Bay (@duatau) on

18. @fioloh

19. @signor_uno

21. @theplaygroundcats

What?! No treats?! ? Wait, let me get my game face on What..? no treats for me?..? Are you sure?.. Cos last I checked, I'm still cute

A photo posted by The Playground Cats (@theplaygroundcats) on

22. @khoocats

Why are you staring at me, Olive?

A photo posted by Elfy, Olive And Pearly (@khoocats) on

22. @kitschymeows

23. @iamsashathequeen

is this camera all you're going to point in my face now? can i have some treats?

A photo posted by @iamsashathequeen on

24. @catsbyzx

25. @intsxcats

We hope you enjoyed our choice of 25 Beautiful Cats Instagram Account To Follow In Singapore. Do share with us Instagram profiles showcasing beautiful Singapore cats in the comments section below too!

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