15 Websites To Shop Online From Home In Singapore

Singaporeans are moving from brick and mortar shopping to making purchases in the comfort of their homes with a click of a button. If you are new to online shopping, this is the post to get you started. We have known and trusted websites ranging from food delivery to education products for your online retail pleasure. Enough said, grab your credit card or prepare your PayPal account because here’s our pick of 15 Websites To Shop Online From Home In Singapore!

Food, Glorious Food!

1. Food Panda 

Don’t know what to eat? Browse on FoodPanda and search by your postal code and they will show you what’s is within your click.

FoodPanda Singapore - AspirantSG

2. Feast Bump

Filter through the different cuisines and choose to have your food delivered to you or pick them up yourself! Check out the various promotions that Feast Bump offers too.

FeastBump Singapore - AspirantSG

Lifestyle – A little of everything!

3. Qoo10

Qoo10 provides a platform for you to shop from sellers worldwide. They are known to carry a lot of everything. Some sellers are smaller sellers so their prices are competitive but just as good. From small gadgets like your chargers to your kitchen pans and pots and even tickets to places of attractions, they seem to have it all! Oh yes, be sure to check out their time sales.

Qoo10 Singapore - AspirantSG

4. Lazada

Lazada is another marketplace that will keep you surfing for hours! They partner up with bigger brands or stores and carry a wide range of products from home and living to health and beauty, you can shop for all your needs in one place. Check out their extensive categories.

Lazada Singapore - AspirantSG

5. Red Mart

Imagine that you have to bring home that 10kg of rice… Not anymore. You can even shop for fresh produce and dairy products. Check out the sales section for items on promotional prices.

Red Mart Singapore - AspirantSG

6. Shang Market

Shang Market not only aims to provide consumers with the ease of shopping, they also offer a platform easy enough for businesses to do their selling. Expect to see many familiar local brands on site. Click through the various categories and grab the promotions and discounts!

Shang Market Place - AspirantSG

Fashion and Fashionistas

7. Zalora

With an extensive collection of brands, Zalora offers retail therapy at the comfort of your home. Look out for their frequent Zalora coupons and shop away!

Zalora Singapore - AspirantSG

8. Ministry of Retail 

Shop for the unique and trendy Korean clothes and accessories at Ministry of Retail. Confused over what to wear to the office or for the exciting party over the weekend? Fret not, browse through the various outfits for each occasion.

Ministry Of Retail - AspirantSG

Education, Mummies & Kids

9. OpenSchoolbag

When you think of children education, pop by. Hosting a wide range of products suited for pre-schoolers onwards. They carry assessment books, past year papers, (yes, skip the heavy shopping bags), learning toys and trial classes. OpenSchoolbag also make recommendations accordingly with carefully designed categories to help lost parents. Be sure to look out for their promotional $0.00 items on site. Oh, did we say FREE trial classes?

Open School Bag Singapore - AspirantSG

10. Fishpond

This must be a big pond as they host so many products! Fishpond prides itself for the highly attractive offer of free shipping on every order. They carry products from all over the world. How amazing. Some of their bestsellers include books and toys for young kids.

Fishpond Singapore - AspirantSG

11. SoSoon

If you are a parent of very young children, you should browse on SoSoon. They run on a 24-hour delivery service and carry extensive children products, especially from Japan and Taiwan.

SoSoon Singapore - AspirantSG

Arts and Designers

12. Etsy

Looking to buy or sell your craft items? Over at Etsy, you can browse through millions of unique items ranging from décor to clothes to personalised jewellery. Or you can even become a seller with them and showcase your talents!

Etsy Singapore - AspirantSG

13. HipVan

In need of remodelling your home? Hop onto HipVan’s site and go through the collections of unique and stylish household products that might give your home a new look.

HipVan - AspirantSG


14. Carousell

Need a platform to sell your stuff or even shop for products? Carousell aims to make selling and buying a simple process.  Snap and sell!

Carousell Singapore - AspirantSG

15. Clozette

Clozette is not just a marketplace but rather a community for women who love fashion and shopping. Apart from shopping for clothes and beauty products, there are also video tutorials on how to do a perfect French manicure or how to style your hair to get the curls that you’ve always wanted.

Clozette Singapore - AspirantSG

Some of these marketplaces throw in free postages for you! If you have to pay for courier charges, think about it – you save on your transportation costs or parking fees at the physical store. If the marketplace doesn’t throw in free postage, you can use this Singaporean courier platform, where you can choose a courier company with the lowest rates and track deliveries online. And time? Priceless savings! Always keep a look out for online discount vouchers to enjoy greater savings on your purchases!

Are there other websites you shop at that we don’t know of? Share with us in the comments section below!

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