15 Tips On Exploring & Traveling As A College Student

Are you a college student or youth? Do you have a trip program to travel abroad for your adventure? Well, we all know that despite the ever increasing exchange rates, we are all planning to make trips. Hotels, meals plus the tickets are not cheap. However, we have several options to travel in the world for almost free. This article focuses on some 15 tips on exploring and travelling as a college student. Some of the ways to travel for almost free includes:

1. Camping wild

As a student who wants to go abroad you should decide on two basic questions – how to move and where to love. You may want to check out some of the best 6-Person Tents for your camping adventures.

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2. Transport

It is cheaper to go with a car other than purchasing a plane ticket or a train ticket. What you need to buy is the gasoline and be ready to pay the parking fee. Using a car is better when you are a group of students. You can as well hitchhike with your friends; this is a safe option.

You can as well use a bike to make travels around. The bike is cheap, and there will be no parking cost. The bike option will be relevant if you are physically fit. If you do not have a bike as well as the car, then you can use the cheap airlines.

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3. Accommodation

Camping is the best option. What you need to do it to tear away from the internet and college papers for sale. Remember camping sports are normally located outside the city. If you are in a big company, then you can book a hostel for all of you. With this, the night is going to cost you less.

Another best option is couch surfing. You can register on the website then start to search for housing. With this, you are going to live in people’s houses without making any payment. The disadvantage here is that you should stick to their rules and regulations.

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4. Volunteers

One of the common ways where travel is free is by joining volunteer programs. There is a list of volunteer programs that you can join and explore the universe. Some good examples are Sudan volunteer program, United Nations volunteer program, conservation volunteer programs and VSO programs. It is relevant to decide which areas are you interested in and which areas offer volunteer programs.

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5. Students Education and Study Programs

Education programs for students are another great way of travelling in the world. Maybe you travel as you write your project depending on course requirement. For the student, it is not always necessary to pay for the trips. Students can learn for free sometimes as they do not have formal jobs to get money. There are some scholarships such as the U.N and Erasmus Mundus scholarships which are available for all students. Just stay active and be ready to apply for one under bachelors or masters program.

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6. Youth in Action

This is an education program meant for young people (below 30 years). It gives students some grants to study in Europe. After receiving the grant, you are going to pay for flight, nutrition, and visa. A lot of thematic workshops are offered. Within some weeks, you will have learned tolerance and get acquainted with Britain beauty.

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This is an international education project where you are going to gain an internship or participate in the exchange program. The organisation is offering options in more than 100 countries in the world. You can feel free and visit their website to check this.

8. Food and shelter

You will travel and help some farmers in some hours of the day so that they will offer you food and shelter. This is a vital opportunity that you are going to get acquainted with cultures and traditions as well as the real life of a certain country.

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Other tips that you should put into consideration are listed below

9. Making a note of places to visit abroad

10. Checking domestic and international requirement and restrictions

11. Setting daily and total budget

12. Arranging travel insurance and passports

13. Reading about places to visit in advance

14. Saving wisely

15. Staying respectfully

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The above are the 15 tips on exploring and travelling as a college student. As a student who is dreaming of becoming an experienced traveller, believe it. You are in a position of doing almost for free or with a small amount of money. Keep in mind that there is a way out.

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