10 Ways to Save Money When Traveling To Or Within Singapore

While Singapore is considered one of the more expensive destinations in Asia, there are several ways to save money when traveling to or within the country. Whether you plan to visit the city for a day or two, or if you decide on an extended stay, the following suggestions are designed to help you save on everything from travel to adventure. The best way to travel to Singapore and save is by following a few basic tips.

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1. Plan Ahead

Before setting out for Singapore, it helps to plan ahead. Check out banking fees, the cost of cash advances, and the charges on withdrawals from ATMs. Let’s face it, credit costs add up. Take the time to compare the range of cards available to you and save by making smart decisions about banking and spending options!

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2. Save On Airfare

Evaluate local and long distance travel costs in advance. Rates vary throughout the year and many of the best prices can be found during off-seasons. Take advantage of reward points, airline miles, and compare different carriers, keeping in mind luggage costs and added fees. Consider purchasing an ‘air-pass’ whenever you are travelling between Asian countries and travel at night to avoid an evening’s hotel stay.

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3. Low-cost Accommodations

The accommodations in Singapore are generally expensive, regardless of whether you plan to stay in a hostel or hotel without all the extras. When visiting Singapore, you may want to consider ‘couch surfing,’ or check out the area of Little India where a stay in a hotel or hostel may be considerably less.

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4. Watch for Free Deals

Singapore does provide some excellent free deals. Save money by enjoying performances, art shows, and special promotions and museum exhibits. Another option is to purchase a three-day tourist pass that allows unlimited entrance to museums throughout the area for a reasonable price.

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5. Visit the Parks

The park system and the Botanical Gardens in Singapore are a welcome retreat from bustling city life. What’s more, most areas are free to the public early in the day, long before the shops are open for business. The skyline views from the connecting skywalk provide an additional free advantage.

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6. Shop the Best Areas

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise; however, many of the malls tend to be pricey! Once again, Little India (and Chinatown) offer reduced prices on incidentals and souvenirs, and several proprietors expect customers to barter. The experience in both areas is well worth the time spent looking for bargains!

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7. Cut Costs on Food & Beverages

Another great way to save money is by purchasing snacks and travel needs from the larger supermarkets located throughout Singapore. ‘American Style’ restaurants tend to be more expensive and the best prices can usually be found on local favorites such as fried rice and noodle soups. Tap water in Singapore is drinkable; bottles can be refilled for additional savings.

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8. Use Local Transportation

Take a bite out of expenses by using local trains and buses. Check online for the best options and consider purchasing an EZ-Link card while getting around in Singapore.

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9. Forget the Frills

Carry only what you need, and travel light. Sleeping bags and hiking boots, for example, are bulky and often unnecessary, even when backpacking. Sandals, lightweight clothing, and sleeping-sheets are more than adequate throughout much of the year. If you purchase malarial drugs prior to your trip, use generic medications whenever possible.

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10. Earn a Little Extra Money while Traveling in Singapore

If you plan to travel for an extended period of time, it’s possible to save a considerable amount by volunteering, working in the hostels, teaching English, and blogging. And remember, one of the best investments you can make is on a decent camera as the sights in Singapore are priceless!

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