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WIFI is absolutely critical to me when I travel. It is not just about sharing my location and photos on social media channels as well as staying engaged with friends and loved ones online. Given that I travel alone on a backpacker mode most of the time, I need WIFI to navigate and explore my travel destination using Google Maps. The idea of not getting connected through minimal 3G on my mobile totally freaks me out. Hence you can imagine how the service by Yourwifi was an absolute godsend on my recent trip to the United Kingdom and Paris.

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What is YourWIFI About? 

XCom Global by Yourwifi is the world’s first monthly fixed rate data connection service that targets companies with multiple business travellers.

YourWIFI Pte Ltd provides pocket-size Wi-Fi routers, enabling connectivity for users when it matters the most. Customers can travel overseas and make their connection cost-effective, portable and secure while ensuring no surprises on your carrier bill when you get home. The routers also allow Wi-Fi hotspot access for multiple devices, ensuring connectivity on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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Can’t I Use Hotspots Or Hotel WIFI? 

You certainly can use hotspots in other countries but you are likely to pull your hair and raving with frustration after a while. You will be wasting time trying to find these hotspots and most of these ‘Free’ wi-fi require troublesome registration and only give you a limited period (30 minutes) of access to the service. On top of that, free WIFI is not secure – you can be hacked!

Many hotels charge expensive rates for their WIFI and if you do pay these are often shared connection which can cause bandwidth bottlenecks and slow speeds when multiple users are logged on. I have experienced situations where the WIFI can only be detected at the hotel lobby. I have to park myself at the lobby just to clear some emails!

Last but not least, if you need to navigate on the go. You will need a portable source of the internet which hotspots and hotel WIFI will never be able to provide.

Why YourWIFI Over Local Destination SIM?  

To beat the hefty price tag set by our local telecommunication providers, I usually purchase a local data unlimited sim card at my destination city. But that my friend is not a foolproof plan. In my most recent trip to Bangkok, the local sim card purchased at the airport simply refused to log my mobile phone onto Thailand’s mobile network. The instructions and even the hotline number are in Thai language and trying to troubleshoot with the locals retailers who only speak simple English is a pain. I cannot enjoy my mobile 3G and the money has been spent.

I am not going to risk encountering the same situation for my trip to Paris and I have been warned by many that Parisians are definitely not as friendly as Thai people. So I decided to go for YourWIFI where the complicated set up are all settled by the good people atXCom Global by Yourwifi.

Once I arrive at my destination, I just need to push the power button on portable WIFI router, select the WIFI network on your device’s wireless connection manager, input the password provided and I am connected!

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YourWIFI On The Trip 

Words cannot express my gratitude for the service. I would never be able to upload amazing moments on the trip as and when it happen without YourWIFI.

With Internet access on the move, I was able to effectively navigate my way with Google Maps and know the type of transportation to take for my next destination.

The WIFI signal was strong and dependable throughout my trip even at the peak of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh.

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How To Book YourWIFI

Booking for the service is just a simple 2 step process, click here to get started now.

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You will be provided with the following items in a handy easy to carry pouch:

– Portable WiFi Router (I have 2 as I was visiting both the United Kingdom & Europe in the same trip.)

– Wall Charger

– Charging Cable

– Universal Adapter (Really thoughtful of them)

Just remember to bring the pouch with you on the trip and return the device with all its accessories after the trip.

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XCom Global Corporate Program (XCP)

Other than serving leisure travellers, XCom Global by Yourwifi is proud to provide the world’s first monthly fixed rate data connection service is now available for corporate business travellers. The program, which provides a monthly fixed rate to companies based on the number of staff who require internet access while on a business trip, can help to save data roaming costs by up to 40% or more.

XCP offers a monthly fixed rate plan, based on the number of registered staff and does not take into account the number of business trips per month. With this service, businesses can easily handle data connection expenses as a fixed cost instead of variable costs.

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To find out more about their services for leisure and business travellers, please contact them through the following channels:


Email: [email protected]

Tel: +65 6669 5637

Facebook: YourWifi

Use YourWIFI and go hassle-free on your next trip!

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