Tips For Women Golfers: What To Buy As A Beginner

More and more women are taking to golf and the competitive level of the sport has increased with the active participation of women. With the rising numbers of women golfers, manufacturers have begun to take notice of the diverse needs and have incorporated designs that are more suitable for women golfers, while sticking to the broad rules governing the equipment.

There are manufacturers who make golf clubs specially designed for women and there are manufacturers who offer clubs that are variants of regular versions. Here are top tips that women golfers can use to pick gold clubs when starting out as beginners.

The Choice Between Sets And Assorted Clubs

Most golfers often face the challenge of having to decide between a box of clubs or a selection of assorted clubs to make a set. A comparison of womens golf clubs shows that manufacturers offer an extensive variety of clubs as part of box sets for women. This is effectively more varied than the typical box sets available for men. The full sets of clubs include drivers, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putter, making the combination adequate to meet the needs of beginners. This also a more cost-effective option, as an assorted selection of different clubs can sometimes be expensive.

On the other side of the comparison, women golfers who are intent to take their golfing to higher levels, including competitive levels, would do well to pick and choose an assortment. This technically more aligned with helping individuals perform better, as the clubs can be picked as per various specific considerations.

Differences Between Clubs Used By Men And Women

The differences between clubs used by men and women are not limited to the appearance, graphics, and colour. Other than the most visible differences, other differences include the loft angles, the length of the shaft, the flex, and the lie angles. These differences are designed with the general physical attributes of women. For instance, the shaft length is typically smaller, because of the average height difference between men and women. Similarly, the loft angles and lie angles are more in women’s golf clubs because of the average height difference between the genders. The flex ratings of clubs used by women are on the higher side, as shafts are expected to be more flexible in women’s clubs.

Buying Tips For Women Golfers

The differences in the golf clubs used by males and females extend to certain features that have an impact on the performance. It is therefore recommended that women golfers who are beginners, choose golf clubs that are intended for women. This will help to take advantage of the design differences and help in building skill levels. Women who need to take the game to professional levels or those who prefer customized clubs, need to consider various options including checking out of models meant for men. This will help in choosing the most suitable set of golf clubs that will considerably improve the performance.

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