Winn Lane – A Quirky Mismatched Enclave in Downtown Brisbane

Curiosity got the better of me when I saw Winn Lane signage on an old building along Ann Street towards the direction of The Mega Beat Club.


Even though it might just be mischievous graffiti, I decided to follow the direction of the arrow down a rather typical narrow strip of tar.


Tucked away deep in the middle of Winn Road is an interesting little lane of quirky mismatch with its surroundings. Plus the pinky Flamingo Cafe was a godsend under the scorching afternoon sun.


Unlike usual cafes where coffee or tea reigned as the top beverages, people here are more inclined to order fresh juices.


Perhaps influenced by the bright colours at the cafe, patrons here do get adventurous and try out surprisingly unique fruit concoctions.


The astro-turf alfresco concept, cheery wall art together with friendly laid-back service make this cafe the perfect place to chill out over a lazy weekends.


One can laze around just about anywhere along the cosy lane. No restrictions, no rude stares, just be yourself.


Atavist Books – This quaint second-hand book shop located within the lane is a treasure trove for book lovers. A number of good reads were picked up from just a quick browse through its collection. The owner must had painstakingly curated this collection of fictional and non-fictional classics. Of course, modern magazines and coffee table books were available as well.


Sunday Social is a charming vintage boutique that’s not just opened on Sunday. Die hard vintage hunters will adore the collection of colourful shirts, pants, dresses, bags and a whole lot of whimsical accessories. Though nice, they might be a little hard to carry off in the streets of Singapore.


I climbed up a flight of old creaking stairs to explore the 2nd floor of an old building within Winn Lane. Unfortunately, the space was yet to be redeveloped then. But I heard that new retailers have recently joined in the mix. Please share with us through the comments section below.


If you prefer to be out after dark, you may want to reserve the first Thursday night of every month for Winn Lane Up Late.Enjoy life music, chilling out at Flamingo Cafe, The Outpost and Sunday Social and even an authentic Aussie BBQ till 8pm which is pretty late for retailers in Aussieland.

Here are the full details of this cool hangout:

Winn Lane

Address: Winn Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4006

Opening Hours: 8.00am – 6.30pm Daily. Late nights till 8.00pm on 1st Thursday of each month


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Winn Lane Fan Page


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