Where To Stay For Family Trip In Sardinia, Italy

If you’re thinking about planning an amazing holiday with your kids in Sardinia, let me suggest you a few spots that are really worth the trip! This guide is offered by the staff of Lu Nibareddu Residence Hotel, located on a hill facing the bay of Porto Taverna. Porto Taverna, circa 18 kms from Olbia, is the perfect place for families and kids. Located in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, it offers many activities and beaches to go/see during your staying. Here are some activities for any kind of family.

The “sporty” One

If you enjoy the adventurous things more than relaxing ones, like lying on the beach while the kids are making castles made of sand, you’ll definitely like snorkeling in the bay of Capo Coda Cavallo or the kayak excursion in Costa Smeralada with Ecosport Sardinia (Olbia).

You can book your whole trip and decide which activity you would enjoy best. If you’re still into sports but not the ones on water and you enjoy playing golf, this amazing golf club offers the opportunity to play golf on an amazing landscape surrounded by many trees and green areas. The view is really breathtaking. www.golfclubpuntaldia.com

One of the best way to discover Olbia is renting a boat! Wonderful bays and marvelous beaches and incredible crystal-clear water are waiting for you! Located in the industrial marine area of Olbia the Olbia boat rental offers many options and boats. What are you waiting for?! www.olbiaboatrental.com/english

The “relaxed” kind:

If you want to spend some quality time on one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, I highly recommend going to the Cala Ghjlgolu, near Vaccileddi. The sand is pretty thick and grey. It also has some pebbles. This place is really famous for its crystal-clear water and all the massive rocks around which have different shapes and forms. Like the one which kind of looks a turtle. There’s also a small pond behind the beach. If you like you can also camp there.

Cala Brandinchi’s Gardens (San Teodoro) is the perfect place to relax and enjoy this natural green area on the beach. It’s an amazing place for children, where they can relax or enjoy some activities, even if they’re not big fan of sport, they can for example enjoy bird watching, thanks to the variety of bird in the area or rent pedal boats with the parents. The wifi is available in the area and the Kiosk bar is open all day long serving snacks, breakfast and lunch.

The explorers might like…. If you’ve come to Sardinia not only to relax and enjoy the seaside but also the explore the area and have a little bit of fun discovering its history and most hidden places, you might be interested in the “Sea’s museum”. This museum shows all the treasures that have been found in the sea during the years. Children under the age of 10 can enter for free and the tickets for adults are only 3 euros! Really worth it!

If you’d like to take a walk on the country side, and your kids love animals and country houses, the country house Tenuta Le Terre 1927 (near Schifoni) offers amazing activities for kids such as a tour in the horses stables, rides on the horses, a tour of their kitchen and for parents tastings of wine and cheese. If you love nature and your kids genuinely enjoy it, La Maddalena Archipelago National park is a geomarine protected area in the north-east of the Gallura coast.

Many creatures live here and the habitats are beautiful. Many seagles live there and can be easily spotted. This area is also famous for the presence of many fishes and mammals. Different tip of minerals, and mushrooms can also be found around this area. Granite caves surrounded this place and it has become a pretty big activity for the area (especially in Santo Stefano and Cava Francese.

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