What Awaits You When You Move to Tokyo?

What glorious amenities await you when you move to Tokyo? Let’s look at some of my favorites. There are hundreds of reasons to enjoy any city that happens to appeal to you, but Tokyo rates up there with the best as a city you can actually love.

Toyko City Streetscape Japan - AspirantSG

That’s right, let’s use the L word. Tokyo, in contrast to San Francisco, for example, is far larger and its population is closely packed together, making it a stunning city of skyscrapers with one of the most incredible cityscapes in the world. Flying into Tokyo on a clear night is an unforgettable experience.

Tokyo City Skyline Japan - AspirantSG

So, here are some reasons to adore Tokyo, once your plane has landed and your bags are unpacked.

Try the Subway System

Tokyo’s subway system is top-notch. It’s clean, efficient, and a great way to get around. With more than 100 routes, it is also nearly ubiquitous. It is everywhere. Once you learn the city, it can be the fastest, cheapest way to get from A to B.

Tokyo Subway Trains Japan - AspirantSG
Photo from Brommel

Street Food

Street food is anything from lunch to late night snacking while you are on the town – anything you can grab quickly.

While one of Tokyo’s most exotic features is the food, you might want to think twice before you grab, but rest assured your nose will never steer you wrong. If it smells that good, who cares what it’s made of, anyway.

Tokyo Street Food Japan - AspirantSG
Photo from Migrationology


Speaking of great food, Tokyo has so many highly rated restaurants that Michelin, the travel guide people, decided to put out a Tokyo edition of their restaurant guide, a first for a city in Asia.

It was more than a gimmick. After all, the city has 160,000 places to eat and 375 stars earned in the restaurant section, which is a hefty compliment.

Tokyo is also famous for its Tsukiji fish market, which is the world’s largest. That’s enough to sell me on any city.

Tsukiji fish market Tokyo Japan - AspirantSG
Photo from The Dark Room


Tokyo is home to the Yomiuri Giants, who play baseball at the Tokyo Dome, and the Yakult Swallows, who play at Jingu Stadium.

The Giants are the team many people love to hate. But, the Swallows? Can you imagine a team named the Swallows in the United States? That’s gotta be pretty great right there.

In the United States, this would be the equivalent of the Yankees and the Mets, who also have an insufferably cute name.

Yomiuri Giants Tokyo Japan - AspirantSG
Photo from Tomodachi


Tokyo is entertainment-crazy. By contrast, New York City is also a busy town, when it comes to entertainment, but a much larger percentage of Tokyo’s entertainment is out on the street. In some ways, the city resembles a 24-hour festival.

Tokyo Entertainment Japan - AspirantSG
Photo from All About Cassiopeia

Shopper’s Paradise

Tokyo is where shoppers go when they want to experience Heaven on Earth. While there are more clothing stores in Tokyo than almost anywhere on the planet, you do have to consider two things. One: Clothing styles are sometimes out of sync with the rest of the world. In Tokyo, it’s more like 1965. It’s all mod. But, it’s also a hard place for some people to find stores that cater to larger sizes, given the average height and weight is shorter and lighter than the average in most U.S. cities.

Shopping in Tokyo Japan - AspirantSG
Photo from Dmarge

Of course, Tokyo is not particularly just around the corner or down the highway. It’s way over there … you know, in Japan. That means if you are looking to move there, you’ll need to call the nearest international movers and packers and find out the rates of shipping versus storage of your possessions.

When planning an international move, a reputable moving company can help you navigate the sea of paperwork involved since they deal with it every day. Word to the wise, check your paperwork twice. Then check it again. Tokyo is a long trip to make and you would not like to be barred from entering the country on some paperwork glitch, especially when what’s waiting for you is one of the most glamorous, dynamic cities in the world.

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