5 Reasons To Use Instagram for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Since Instagram’s latest update of allowing users to post videos of 60 seconds, it became more than clear that this social media network has all the premises to rule the marketing world. Brands have become quickly aware of its potential which made them choose Instagram for their video marketing campaigns to engage with their target audience. Thus, statistics show that out of the 1000 most popular videos posted on Instagram, 400 were coming from brands and not from individuals.

What is more, 2018 also comes with another impressive result. Consumers are always in a rush which makes them more open to watch a short video and understand exactly what’s your brand’s message than to read a text. Therefore, the time spent by people watching an Instagram video increased by more than 40% this year.

Instagram has shown the fastest growth when it comes to driving purchases with videos. What is more, brand’s videos convinced 48% of Instagram users to buy a product. If we compare it to the 32% result of the previous year, then this is clear proof that Instagram videos should be considered a brand’s most potent weapon to use in its marketing strategy. So, if you are ready to increase your brand’s visibility, then this post is going to convince why you should use Instagram for your video marketing campaign. Get ready to address your message to a broader audience and grow your sales like never before.

5 Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Michael Williams, CEO of Top Writers Review, is a firm believer in the power of Instagram for video marketing campaigns. He says that “Instagram is no longer a social media platform where users can only see beautiful photos. Instagram has become a great tool for businesses, allowing them to reach their audiences. With its increasing popularity rate, Instagram is the go-to tool for your audience to find more about your products and services”.

1. Instagram Videos Will Bring New Customers

With more than 800 million active users, you know for sure that you can’t go wrong with Instagram. As we already showed in the data above, Instagram shows the highest growth in convincing people buying a product. Therefore, it is more likely that your competitors are there too, doing their best in convincing people that their products are the best. When it comes to videos, they are the easiest to consume. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are developing. People are extremely busy nowadays which makes them difficult to concentrate on reading product presentations and texts explaining how you can solve their problem.

Therefore, they will always respond better to a video which shows them in just 60 seconds how your product works and what it can do for them. Videos work on different levels, convincing even the laziest consumers to give your product a try. On the other hand, even though you are already successful on other social media platforms, don’t expect that they are interchangeable. Instagram is different which means that you should know its culture if you want to have success. Take Starbucks for example which manages to create a sense of community by branding each video in some way and using lots of fan-created images. Thus, they manage to stay close to their fans and create the image of a fun BFF.

2. People Will Trust Your Brand Better

No sales can be made if your target audience doesn’t trust your brand. When you develop your marketing strategy, one of the biggest goals you should establish is building trust and developing long-term relationships with your clients. Thus, you should include more than engaging content in your marketing strategy. When they reach your Instagram profile, people expect more than pretty photos and a great description of your products. People expect emotions and a story which best explains what your brand is about.

So, you will need videos to create ignition and convince the elite consumers to spread the word and promote your brand. Yes, videos are not easy to make and involve a determined financial effort and human resources. But, once you get it done, you will quickly notice how your efforts pay off. When posting videos on Instagram, you will have 60 seconds to catch your product’s main features and grab your audience’s attention. Get creative and build a story around your brand, showing people the human side behind your products and making them part of your brand’s personality. Furthermore, based on the engagement data, you can go one step further and use hyper-personalization to create relevant content for your customers. This is how you will show your audience that all your efforts are concentrated around them.

3. Show Your Brand’s Versatility

Instagram videos give you the opportunity to show the best of your brand. People are not waiting for long stories which seem never to end and get them bored. They want videos which go straight to the subject and show the owner’s creativity in surprising the product’s substance. Instagram gets the best out of marketers. They have only 60 seconds to show their creativity and present the products or services in a different light. Therefore, you will show your brand’s versatility and stand out from the competition. One method which always gives results is creating explainer videos. You will not only explain your product’s complexity in a short period, but it will also cost you less in comparison to live videos.

Take the example of Tastemade which boosted their number of followers with excellent how-to videos. Their marketing team succeeded in adding value and created short videos on different recipes and tips and tricks, showing their target audience how they can solve various problems in a few, easy steps. What is more, you can take this type of videos even further and use your products to show your followers how they can solve their problems. These videos will act as a user manual for your customers, making things a lot simpler for them. What is more, you will notice how Instagram videos will increase your conversion rates and signups.

4. Your Customers Have a Solid Reason to Follow You

How to differentiate yourself on the market? Many companies are producing the same products or delivering the same services, just like you. So, how do you convince your target audience that you are different, and they should follow you? Posting things from time to time on your Instagram account won’t attract customers. You need to give them a reason to support you. What is more, once they pressed the “follow” button, you need to make them stick around and tell their network about your products as well. Rewarding campaigns might be useful to attract new followers, but this doesn’t mean that you should do it all the time. You can also grab their attention by posting short videos with glimpses of your products product. Moreover, you can also create behind-the-scenes videos and show your followers how your products are made. This will grow your credibility and convince them that they should keep following you if they want to stay updated about your products.

On the other hand, emotional content never fails to attract customers. Videos are the best way to transmit emotions and make people become part of your story. What is more, as Instagram videos help you create videos which are only 60 seconds, you can create a more significant impact on your followers and help them unleash their emotions. Thus, you will add a human touch to your brand and get out of the “corporate image” that most brands have. What is more, your followers will identify themselves with your story and will share your videos so that other people from their network hear about your brand as well. Therefore, Instagram videos become one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tools.

5. Instagram Videos Will Attract More Influencers

It is already a proven fact that influencers help in strengthening your brand’s position on the market. Before choosing a product, people do their research checking whether that product does exactly what it says. Therefore, they will start searching online for comments and reviews on the product, carefully analyzing each characteristic to understand if they need that product. One of the most trustful sources they check is the influencer’s profiles and comments on the respective product. Therefore, one of the most effective marketing strategies is partnering with influencers and let them talk about your products. What do Instagram Videos have to do with influencers? Statistics say that 80% of influencers will be more open to using Instagram when they partner with a brand.

Influencers are always up to date with the most effective social media channels they can use to increase their visibility. Instagram is one of those social media networks which means that you should be also present there if you want to make your brand known. Also, your regular Instagram video posts will become your most prominent tool to convince influencers about your product’s qualities.

It is essential to understand that a partnership with an influencer is a win-win collaboration. Therefore, when he decides to partner with a brand, an influencer will carefully analyze your Instagram presence, understand more about your product based on the Instagram videos you post, and make the final decision whether this will be a fruitful collaboration or not.

Getting started on Instagram shouldn’t be difficult at all. You should make it fun both for you and your team and think of each video as an exciting way to tell your customers about what’s new about your products. What is more, you don’t need a huge budget to post videos on Instagram. There are plenty of free video editing tools available online to help you create short 60-seconds videos for your Instagram account. Below you can find a few tips on how to boost your business’ presence online and create Instagram videos:

  • Instagram videos are played automatically without sound. Therefore, you should use short messages and captions to make sure that your audience gets the message in the right way.
  • Create your videos in a square format. Instagram was initially created as a square platform. What is more, square videos are incredibly popular on social media.
  • Your audience is always in a hurry, having a limited time to watch videos and follow businesses on Instagram. Therefore, when you build your videos, focus on the first 30 seconds to grab your followers’ attention. What is more, not all your videos have to be of 60 seconds? As long as they catch the audience attention, they can be even less than 60 seconds.
  • When you don’t have any new ideas on what your next video should be like, it is always an excellent option to re-use some of your past content. Check which of your previous blog posts had the best results, and build a short video around that idea.
  • Consistency is always important. It may be difficult to catch your audience attention, but it will be even more challenging to keep them engaged. Create a schedule of your future posts on Instagram and show your followers that they made the right decision to follow you. What is more, by posting videos regularly, you make them curious about the next posts and updates on your products or services.

As you could see after reading this article, you don’t have any reason not to post videos on Instagram. Of course, videos should be combined with relevant content for your brand. Keep your videos short and concise, showing your followers the essence of your products. Moreover, make your followers curious about your products by creating behind-the-scenes videos or creating brief glimpses for your next launches. Use hashtags and keywords to describe your videos which will also help you to increase your visibility.

Finally, don’t be afraid to partner with influencers and develop together ideas on how to engage your customers better with your Instagram videos. Instagram is extremely popular nowadays, but this is just the beginning. Therefore, it is essential to be an early adopter and strengthen your position on the market right away.

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