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We all want different things at different phases of our lives. When I was just a child, I craved for the chance to put on a pair of glasses to be seen as being ‘cool’. During my teenage years, I made the switch to contact lenses for vanity reasons. By late 20s, I decided that I had enough of glasses and contact lenses. A trip to a lasik clinic saw me say goodbye to sight aids forever. Now, as a travel blogger, daylight offers the best natural lighting for travel photography but it also meant compromising the comfort of my eyes against the harsh sun. Thankfully, I have found Transitions Lenses – my solution to see the world comfortably in its best light.

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Transitions is my solace against unbearable strong sunlight and they have found their way into my life with ease. Their latest Signature Lenses adapts double quick time to surrounding light conditions to give me the optimal level of light for comfortable vision. By just applying their patented photochromic dye to the lenses, I transformed a normal pair of glasses into a convenient and very useful accessory that follows me wherever I go.

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New to Transitions Lens? here’s a quick explanation. Transitions adaptive lenses contain photochromic technology that allows lenses to react to UV light so they turn dark outdoors when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. When indoors, they turn fully clear.

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Its hard not to adore these lenses. While adapting fast to changing light conditions, they filter just the right amount of light. So I get to see everything the way it’s meant to be seen. Maybe even a little better.

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When Scotts, my friend from Scotland came to visit, he could not understand why I was so obsessed with my Transitions Signature lenses. So I challenged him to give these glasses a go while I bring him around Singapore. That’s him trying on the glasses. Look how the lenses are perfectly clear indoors.

Transition Lenses Clear Indoor - AspirantSG

Excited to showcase the amazing metamorphosis from clear to dark lenses, here’s a quick before photo of my Transitions Signature Lenses in their clear state before we step out from the hotel main entrance.

Same Colours Outside Transition Lenses - AspirantSG

Once we stepped out of his boutique hotel, my Transitions Signature Lenses quickly turned dark to fend off harmful UV light yet still allowed us to see our immediate surroundings in its full vivid colours.

Transition Lenses Get Dark - AspirantSG



Transitions Signature lenses contain the exclusive Chromea7™ photochromic technology which adapts to different light conditions such as bright direct sunlight, partially sunny rays, cloudy conditions, and everything in between. These lenses are also adaptive to indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces. They continuously adapt to changing light to create the optimal shade for us to enjoy our surroundings in its natural hue.

Turn Dark Faster Transition Signature Lenses - AspirantSG

Once we are back indoors, Transitions Signature Lenses switches back from its dark shades amongst instantaneously. Which is freaking amazing! I don’t even need to do anything; these smart lenses do everything for me.

Ice Kacang Transitions Lenses - AspirantSG

Scotts was inevitably sold to the idea of protecting his eyes with these amazing lenses and it took me quite a bit of coaxing with desserts to get my glasses back!

Indoor Transitions Lenses With Food - AspirantSG


Wanna get your personal Transitions Signature Lenses? Simply use Transitions Lenses Store Locator to find out where Transitions Signature Lenses are available in your area. They can fit any prescription and frame and are suitable for any age including children.

Once you get used to the comfort and convenience of Transitions Lenses you can’t go back. So when are you getting yours?

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