Top Travel Attractions You Must Visit In Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you like Italy, there is a destination that you must include in your personal “to do” travel list, this place is Amalfi Coast. This stretch of coastline in Campania (Southern Italy) attracts 5,000,000 travelers annually due to its typical features: mild climate, a series of small and cozy towns, the crystal blue water of the sea, the stunning views all around, and the tasty local food, different from other Italian specialties.

On the Amalfi Coast there are located 13 municipalities, I stayed in Vietri Sul Mare, on a boutique hotel perched over the sea. Lloyd’s Baia Hotel gives me the chance to explore the surroundings, following the guided tours planned by the staff and the activities available during that time. Thanks to their help, now I can recommend what to do on Amalfi Coast on holiday!

Positano, a dream place where to put your wishes

The small town of Positano was a port in the Middle Age, at the times of Amalfi Republic, while now is a destination loved by artists, poets, writers and musicians. Before to come here I read the words written by John Steinbeck (the author of The Grapes of Wrath) about Positano, “It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”, a very captivating feedback!

This town is situated in an enclave in the hills and offers a stunning vertical view of colors: I appreciated the deep blue of the sea, the white, pink and yellow of the small houses, the green of the surrounding Monti Lattari.

A must-see here is the church of Santa Maria Assunta, because houses a rare icon of a Black Madonna, dated back to XIII century. I recommend Positano to couples who are looking for a romantic getaway: follow the Lover’s Path, a trail that connects the right side of Spiaggia Grande with the suggestive set of Fornillo Beach, a small oasis where to find peace and relax.

I knew Ravello for its summer festival, now came to its 63th edition, a cultural meeting that beckons people from all around the world, thanks to concerts, theatrical shows, and dance performances.

Ravello is also renowned for the most incredible “belvedere” that you can enjoy here in Campania, the Terrace of the Infinite. This terrace is a part of Villa Cimbrone, an elegant dwell built in the XI century, redesigned by Ernest William Beckett in the XX century.

On the terrace there are marble Roman bust statues and I spend endless moments gazing at the turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea and the blue sky that wrapped me in a symbolic embrace.

Ravello also hosts Villa Rufolo, an enchanting building located in the historic center. The gardens of the Villa are so luxuriant to stroke the imagination of the composer Richard Wagner, who described the gardens in the second act of Parsifal opera. If you come to Ravello you could see Wagnerian concerts hosted at the garden of Villa Rufolo as a tribute to the great composer.

The Amalfi Coast, listed by UNESCO among World Heritage Sites, was an inspiring destination for me and I hope I have enticed you and convinced you that this is a nice place for holidays not only in summer.

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