Top Italian Destinations To Savour Best Sips For Wine Lovers

Italy is a paradise for absolutely all wine lovers. Almost every single region in the country produces wine. Most of the Italian wines are consumed locally, in abundance, but they are also exported in huge quantities. While most people do not know about the reputation of the Italian wines and they stay focused on other countries in Europe, you may want to focus on Italy since there are some excellent wine regions you will not find anywhere else.

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Before we talk about the most interesting Italian destinations for wine lovers, we should mention that it is recommended to stay in agritourism, which are Italian vacation farms. They are perfect locations for those that love wine. We are basically talking about large estates or farmhouses that will give you information and guestrooms, together with many amenities you will enjoy. Many are found in rural areas, close to Italian vineyards.

While many go to Italy to experience romanticism, wine tasting is gaining popularity, especially in the destinations covered below.

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1. Piedmont

Many consider that Piedmont is the best wine making area in the country. Looking at Torino it is hard to imagine the secrets lied in other close-by regions since there is nothing that hints at agriculture. As you move towards the southeast, you slowly start to realize that you are closing in on a wine lover’s heaven.

There are 33 Italian wine types recognized and controlled in Piedmont. This includes wines that are known all around the world like Asti or Barbaresco.

Make sure that you visit the Langhe district, close to Alba. You have to taste Barolo wines as they intrigued wine lovers for hundreds of years. Consider the Barolo Winery as a great destination. Also, consider the Barolo Regional Wine Cellar. The Langhe Tourist Office offers a trekking and hiking map if you want to visit the region without being a part of a wine tasting tour.

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2. Tuscany

Tuscany is all about wine tasting in Chianti, Brunello and Vino Nobile counties. Wine tourism is a huge business in the region. Tuscan wines are constantly growing in popularity and nowadays we see a huge interest exhibited by tourists from all around the world. There are 14 wine trails available in the region, locally referred to as “strade del vino”. Each trail will be focused on a different wine type or producing area so we can say that they are unique.

Various tourists In Florence will tour Pomino Wine Road and Chianti Rufina. Pomino is made out of 4 routes, all popular among wine lovers and cycling enthusiasts.

Montepulciano is a town that you may want to consider since there are many wineries concentrated in the region with restaurants and wine shops among a wine trail that is quite busy. Around 30 agriturismi are available and you can choose one that you will love. Make sure you spend 2 days in the region.

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3. Campania

We can say that Italian wine history starts in Campania, right in the south of Italy. Greek colonists are responsible for bringing grapes to hills around the Neapolis area, nowadays’ Naples. Roman farmers and emperors loved the wine made here.

It took until the early nineteen hundreds for Campanian vineyards to have popularity, although the harvests in the area have always been generous. Every single year we have new wines that win awards and that come from Campania.

We recommend a visit to Furore, a small town that overlooks the Amalfi coast, 4 miles from Amalfi town. There are different agriturismo options available at great prices, usually offering breakfast or/and dinner, including delicious local wines.

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Tips On Planning Italian Wine Tasting Tours

Information is important. The Italian wine making regions are getting a constant increase in the number of tourists so you want to plan ahead. Peak a type of wine that you want and follow its trail or pick a region and fully discover it.

Research information about different wineries so you can figure out which ones are your favorites! Contact them so that you can schedule an appointment for tasting or a tour. Just large wineries have the possibility of accommodating larger tours so if you love smaller ones, make sure you arrange in advance as you may find you cannot enjoy a tour since everything is booked.

Always choose a maximum of 3 wineries to visit, although two are better. We say this because wine experiences are slower in the country when compared with other destinations like California.

Consider visiting an Enoteca as it holds various wines to drink, buy and taste. For instance, Chianti includes Le Cantine di Greve in Chianti. Here you can enjoy tasting of cheese, wine, grappa, olive oil and salame. There is even a wine musem. Small Enotecas are available in practically all Italian villages.

The bottom line is that whenever you plan a wine tasting visit in Italy, you have to be patient. Italians are slower by nature and you need time in order to enjoy everything that is offered.

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