Top Bar Drinking Games To Play In A Pub

Heading out for a birthday celebration or just a night out with a bunch of your friends? Do you tend to get bored after all of you catch up and run out of topics to discuss? Then try some of these drinking games because they will keep the party interesting, and you might even learn something new about your friends.

1. Pub Golf

As you visit party venues in Newcastle, make the Depot on Beaumont, one of your stops for Pub Golf. Typically, this game consists of stopping at 18 pubs or bars within walking distance and assigning different drinks points or par values. For example, a shot is par 1, while a bottle of beer is par 3.

2. Beer Pong

Before playing this one, make sure the establishment allows it. Some even host designated beer pong tournaments. You’ll need a long flat table or a ping-pong table for this game. Divide into two teams and set up six to 10 cups of beer on the table in a pyramid form with the cups only about one-third full. Each player tries to shoot a ping-pong ball into one of the opposing team’s beer cups. If they succeed, a player from the opposing team must drink the beer from that cup. If they miss, then they drink. Play continues and becomes more competitive with players taking shots simultaneously.

3. 21 Aces

This has become a popular bar game because it’s easy to learn, though it’s recommended to play it before you’re totally drunk as you do need to count the “ones” on the dice. Fill a cup with five dice. On each person’s turn, roll the dice and count if they got any ones, otherwise referred to as aces. If they roll at least one ace, they get to roll the remaining dice again. If not, play goes to the next person.

Begin counting the aces, and when you get to the seventh one, that person gets to decide which shot will be drunk. The person who rolls the 14th ace pays for the shot, and the person who rolls the 21st one actually drinks. The rules get trickier as play continues. After the 17th ace is rolled, a dice is removed and one is removed for each consecutive ace, making it harder to reach 21.

4. Aces

Totally different than the dice game, this card game is very interactive. All you need is your friends, a deck of cards with the 4’s through 7’s removed, and an empty large glass, in addition to your beer. After placing the empty glass in the middle, spread the remaining cards around it.

They first player chooses a card, and play continues in a circle by following the rules of the cards. If you draw a 2, take two dinks, if you get a 3, distribute three drinks among the players. An 8 allows you to concoct a rule, such as making it a rule that every time a certain word is used, everyone does a shot. Nines require you to rhyme with whatever word the player picks, such as moat for boat, and tens require you to think of lists for categories like vacation spots or European cars. If you mess up, you must drink. If you draw a jack, the person to your left drinks, and a queen lets the person to your left drink. Kings are just a social fun card, while the 1st three people who draw aces add beer to the middle glass. The fourth person has to drink it.

5. Never Have I Ever

This game is kind of the traditional Truth or Dare game, where you’ll learn some secrets about your friends in a totally different way. Someone begins by saying they never did. It can be something innocent like, “I never got a speeding ticket,” to something naughtier. If anyone has done the aforementioned thing, they must raise their hand and take a drink.

You can experience a fun night out with inventive drinks and bar games at Depot on Beaumont in Newcastle. They host party events and feature four different bars.

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