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Thank to my dear friend Scotts who is visiting from United Kingdom, I had the chance to bunk in and take in the full splendour of one of Singapore’s first and most famed luxury boutique hotel – The Scarlet Singapore. Tucked snuggly in vibrant Club Street enclave of creative agencies, specialty shops, boutique spas, trendy restaurants and cafes, wine bars, antiques shops and art galleries, this 80-room original 1924 Art Deco building’s night facade is enough to take your breathe away.

The Scarlet Singapore Boutique Hotel - AspirantSG

Perhaps awed by its gorgeous exterior, it took us a while to locate the entrance to the hotel lobby which was at the lower side deck of the property. A magnificent chandelier greeted us the moment we step through the front doors.

Scarlet Hotel Main Lobby Chandelier - AspirantSG

True to its name, the hotel interior was generously draped with vivid red furnishing.

The Scarlet Singapore Hotel Check In Counter - AspirantSG

While waiting for the check-in, take a seat and chill out on this enormous designer armchair that has room for two or more.

Giant Armchair Scarlet Hotel Singapore - AspirantSGOr check yourself out on this beautiful ornate mirror.

Giant Mirror With Waiting Chairs Scarlet Hotel Singapore - AspirantSG

A multi-purpose room nestled right beside the main hotel lobby. Furnished lavishly with designer furnitures, hotel guest can enjoy cozy chit chat with friends or

Reading Chairs Scarlet Hotel Singapore - AspirantSG

spend quiet time reading the papers or books over tea.

Chair By Bookshelf The Scarlet Singapore

Once all the documentations are completed, we made our way to the room. I particularly adore the leather newspaper holder.

Room Door The Scarlet Singapore - AspirantSG

Contrary to its fiery & passionate public spaces, the walls of our room took on a more subdued greenish texture.

Bed At The Scarlet Singapore - AspirantSG

Elegant side table and chair offers a mini workstation. The table top was intentionally layered with leather for a smoother writing surface.

Elegant side table The Scarlet Singapore - AspirantSG

The wardrobe consist of more or less the usual but the thoughtful hotel folks also added in an umbrella for its guest convenience.

Room Wardrobe The Scarlet Singapore - AspirantSG

Having laboured through most weekends clearing blog backlogs, I am determined to relax and chill out over my favourite drama this staycation. Yeah, I know I have watch Zhen Huan Zhuan like a gazillion times but I have just gotten my hands on the latest Samsung GALAXY Tab S (10.5″) LTE and I wanna watch my all time favourite drama in AMOLED Cinema Mode via Adaptive Display

Samsung Super AMOLED Display Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

Compared to conventional LCD tablets with about 70% colour reproduction rate, this Super AMOLED screen reproduces colours that match up to more than 90% of nature’s true palette. This translate to me enjoying videos, pictures and other various contents in their true colours. Now the bitching within the inner palace comes in a whole new light.

Zhen Huan Zhuan in Super AMOLED screen - AspirantSG

Even a normal fruit visual looks exceptionally stunning. With such amazing Super AMOLED screen, it was difficult to imagine that the GALAXY Tab S would have a great battery life. Given its 7900 mAh battery, I expected an average battery life of 10 hours. But I was happily proved wrong! It is probably one of the most impressive tablets in terms of battery life. I spent my afternoon catching up on my drama, and the battery easily lasted through the watch time.

Fruits On Super AMOLED Display Samsung Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

The Samsung GALAXY Tab S also comes with this amazing SideSync 3.0 technology which allows seamless connectivity with selected Samsung smartphone (My Samsung GALAXY Note 3 With LTE included)! Once synced, I get to view my phone screen on the tablet and do tasks like transfer data, copy & paste text as well as make and receive voice calls* on the GALAXY Tab S. This is great when I need to charge my mobile in another room. The feature is totally awesome for calls and SMSes. But please note that SideSync 3.0 Call Forwarding feature is only available for GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE for now.

SideSync 3.0 Function Samsung Galaxy Tab S - AspirantSG

To find out more about Samsung GALAXY Tab S, please read more through their microsite here.


GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE is retailing at S$698

GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi® is retailing at S$598

GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE is retailing at S$948

GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi® is retailing at S$848


Dazzling White

Titanium Bronze

Tablet featured above is in Titanium Bronze.

Before calling it a night, we savour Chinatown’s night scenery at Breeze, Scarlet Hotel’s roof top restaurant and bar.

Breeze Scarlet Singapore Roof Top Restaurant And Bar - AspirantSG

The experience at Scarlet Singapore was magical. The bold & intensely luxurious decor and treatment really wow us. I would definitely recommend this boutique hotel to friends visiting Singapore. Interested to check this hotel out? Here are the full detail:

The Scarlet Singapore

Address: 33 Erskine Road Singapore 069333

Tel: +65 6511 3333

Fax: +65 6511 3303





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