Sponsored Video: Carlsberg Seduces With Erotic Ad For Valentine’s Day 2015

February is the month of love in all its forms. Carlsberg strategically chose Valentine’s Day 2015 to showcase their own particular form of love and bias for their beer and extreme quality.

Carlsberg Erotic Drama For Valentine's Day 2015 - AspirantSG

If you are a fan of 50 Shades of Grey, you may want to chill off the hot, steamy love scenes with something lighter and refreshing from Carlsberg. That’s right, this world renowned beer has created their own version of erotic drama with the right mood music and all the the ‘woos’ and ‘ahhs’.

Carlsberg Erotic Ad For Valentine's Day 2015 - AspirantSG

Go check out their new erotic love ad over a thirst quenching bottle of Carlsberg and watch it build up to a dramatic climax. And if your love for beer is as great as mine, you can practice singing it or saying it in a more romantic language with Carlsberg Karaoke and Language course films. This is probably when you say, if Carlsberg did trilogies…

This post has been sponsored by Carlsberg, but all the thoughts are our own.

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