Singapore Science Park Celebrates 30th Anniversary With 80s Fiesta

The Singapore Science Park, developed and managed by Ascendas, a leading business space solutions provider will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary in October 2013!

As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, a special iconic green ‘infinity’ logo to encapsulate the spirit of the Singapore Science Park – a hub that is limitless in its relevance to Singapore’s economic development whilst capturing the lush greenery that the park presents.

Science Park 30th Anniversary Logo - AspirantSG

Science Park 30 Great Years

Internationally renowned as Asia’s most prestigious address for research and development (R&D), the concept for Singapore Science Park was mooted in the late 1970s.


Being the first of its kind in Singapore, the park was modeled after state of the art science parks in United States and pioneered an innovative campus-like environment that brought together companies with excellent in-house research and development capabilities, laboratories, software centres and other support facilities.

In the 1990s, the Singapore Science Park explored collaborations with overseas R&D parks and advanced beyond being just a hub for research and development. It grew to take on the role of our nation’s first life sciences hub.

Today, the unique work-play business environment of the Singapore Science Park is home to more than 380 info-communications and life sciences organisations. To read greater details of Science Park 30 years milestone, please click here.

Science Park Revitalisation Plans

While new business parks have emerged over the years, Science Park continues to offer a differentiated environment with a unique business lifestyle for R&D companies in Singapore.

The Park will continue to reinvent and revitalise itself to remain competitive and relevant for the industries of the future. Park Revitalisation Plans will be unveiled shortly.

A Month Of Celebration

The month long celebration is themed around the swinging ’80s when Singapore Science Park was conceived.

Singapore Science Park 30th Anniversary - AspirantSG

‘Parkites’ (affectionate term used to refer to the tenants of the Science Park) get to enjoy a series of exciting activities that’s all planned out for them!

Science Park 30th Anniversary Celebration Calendar - AspirantSG

Post-An-Anniversary Greeting 

80s characters will be swinging by popular dining outlets in Science Park I & II with a chalk board for tenants to write their heartfelt anniversary well-wishes for Science Park. They will also be armed with loads of 80s inspired accessories to help tenants doll themselves up for the camera!

Science Park 30 Post-An-Anniversary Greeting

Other than being used to form a mobile photo montage wall for display in several locations within the Science Park, these photos will also be uploaded onto the Ascendas Facebook Page to gather the most number of likes to win staycation prizes! Click here to find out more!

Spot The 30th Anniversary Bus & Win

Plying through the park on a daily basis, Parkites are encouraged to snap a picture of a shuttle bus that’s sporting Science Park 30th Anniversary look and upload it to the Ascendas Facebook Page with hashtag #sciencepark30. You may stand to win a $30 Shopping Voucher each week!

Spot The Bus & Win

Children’s Colouring Contest

Not forgetting the energetic children of the Singapore Science Park, Ascendas is getting the kids involved in the celebration!

Based on the themes of ‘greenery’, ‘science’, ‘technology’ and ‘community’, children from the various centres and kindergartens located within the Science Park are invited to participate in a colouring contest. Winning entries will be displayed alongside tenants’ photo montage.

To download one of the colouring themes for your kids, please click here.

Children Coloring Contest

Jubilant ’80s Fiesta Lunch Party

Concluding the month-long celebration is a ’80s Fiesta Lunch Party that’s filled with sumptuous 80s street cuisines, fun fair games, interactive stage activities and performances!

Parkites are invited to come together, have fun and win attractive lucky draw prizes at this date:

Date: 24 October 2013

Time: 12pm – 1.30pm

Venue: Aries, Science Park II

If you are working in Science Park I or II, make sure you mark your calendar!

We look forward to see you all dressed up for the party!

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