Singapore NDP 2014 Part 2 – Nation’s Defence Assets Showcase

National Day Parade (NDP) is always the best time for our nation to showcase our Defence Assets. After the bloggers contingent went behind the scenes of National Day Parade 2014 to interact with the operators involved in the Dynamic Defence Sea Display and got splashed during the Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) performance rehearsal, we were treated to a stunning display of our Armed Forces and Civil Defence Forces latest assets! Many of these assets will also be part of NDP 2014 Dynamic Display Performance. The Light Strike Vehicle Mark II (LSV MK II) were the first vehicles to greet us.

Singapore Armed Forces Dynamic Defence Assets Display NDP 2014 - AspirantSG















The primary role of the LSV MK. II is against armoured threats. Packed with 6 anti-tank missiles, they are able to out-manoeuvre bulky tanks and take them down fast. But once the ammunition are out, these folks have to get away as far as possible.  

Missile Against Armoured Threats - AspirantSG


















The vehicle is designed to be helicopter portable and manoeuvrable over cross-country terrain.

The Light Strike Vehicle Mark II Driver Seat - AspirantSG














The vehicle is equipped with enhanced networking capabilities to support the integration with other combat systems during operations. That’s me firing the machine gun from another Light Strike!

Camwhoring On An SAF Vehicle - AspirantSG

















Next we went on to the armoured vehicles with the big guns – LEOPARD 2-SG Main Battle Tank

The Big Guns NDP 2014 - AspirantSG





















These metal giants never fail to impress. Say hello to the Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle NDP 2014 - AspirantSG
















Having traveled hot and stinky for days in similar tanks, I was shocked to know that the interior of these modern day tanks are fully air-conditioned. These folks had it easy!

Air Conditioned Tanks NDP 2014 - AspirantSG

















We have all see the power of these babies in the recent news – Surface-To-Air PYTHON-5 and DERBY-Short Range Air Defence System.

Surface-To-Air PYTHON-5 NDP 2014 - AspirantSG






















These all-weather ground-based air defence system forms part of the 3rd Generation RSAF Networked Air Defence capability that builds upon the existing multi-layered air defence system to further strengthen Singapore’s air defences.

Singapore All Weather Air Defence System NDP 2014 - AspirantSG






















It is actually pretty nerve-racking to view the back of these deadly missiles close up.

Singapore Ground Based Air Defence Missiles - AspirantSG

















The assets from our Civil Defence folks were equally impressive.

Civil Defence Display NDP 2014 - AspirantSG

















Armed with the new backpack Compressed Air Foam, these Fast Response Bike (Red Scorpion) are capable of extinguishing fires such as household fire and vehicle fire. If equipped with an Automatic External Defilbrillator (AED), they can also be deployed for Cardiac arrest cases.

Fast Response Bike (Red Scorpion)  NDP 2014 - AspirantSG






















Pity that we did not had the chance to hope onto the Fireman’s mechanised ladder due to safety reasons.

Fire Engine Ladders NDP 2014 - AspirantSG




















The guys at the static stations were wonderful with detailed explanation of these dynamic display vehicles. The final NDP 2014 post will bring us to the actual performance so stay tuned! If you have missed my previous post on my behind the screen Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Ride, click here to read it now!

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