Scam Sites Everyone Should Be Aware Of In Singapore

Facebook has more than 1.3 billion users, which makes it a hacker’s paradise for posting scams. Even if only 1% of users fall for the scam at first, that’s still 13 million people. And once they fall for the scam, it’s more likely some of their friends will as well, and then those friends’ friends and so on. Fake scam sites are still coming hard and fast on the internet. While our community do our best to share scam sites to fellow Singaporeans, it is important for everyone to be able to spot scam sites when you see one. It matters because many of these fake scam sites make you download ransomware which will encrypt your hard drive and potential lose valuable data unless you are willing to pay these criminals thousands of dollars for the encryption key. Do share this post with all your friends to caution them on the following scam sites below.

How To Spot A Scam Site - AspirantSG

1. NTUC Fairprice Scam Site

NTUC Scam Site - AspirantSG

2. Rolex Scam Site

Rolex Scam - AspirantSG

3. Starbucks Scam Site

Starbucks Scam - AspirantSG

4. McDonald’s Scam Site

McDonald's Scam - AspirantSG

5. Samsung Scam Site

Samsung Scam Site - AspirantSG

6. Air Canada Scam Site

Air Canada Scam Site - AspirantSG

7. Johnson Baby Scam Site

Baby Johnson Scam Site - AspirantSG

8. JCPenney Coupon Scam Site

JC Penny Scam Site - AspirantSG

9. Louis Vuitton Scam Site

LV Scam Sites - AspirantSG

Please help to share the post to warn your friends and loved ones about these site. Do let to share more scam sites in the comments section below. Thank you for doing your part for Singapore Online Community!

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